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Watch Dogs Legion To Feature 5 Different Storylines

Watch Dogs Legion‘s game design director revealed that the upcoming London-based hacking romp will feature five different storylines. Speaking with Spiel Times, Kent Hudson assured fans that narrative remains a vital component of Watch Dogs Legion, despite going down the ‘play as any PC’ route.

Watch Dogs Legion To Feature Multiple Main Storylines

Hudson spoke on how storytelling has always remained an important part of the Watch Dogs experience, and that will not change in Legion despite fresh gameplay innovations. In fact, there’s multiple storylines to tuck, Ubisoft confirms.

I know ‘play as anyone’ is kind of a crazy technological innovation with the simulation we’ve done, but story is still a huge part of the game. It’s a huge part of the franchise and this game is no different. We’ve got five different storylines in the game, so it’s five main – you could call them quest lines if you want – and each one of them is tied to one of our thematic pillars.

So, for example, we’re gonna be looking at today a storyline that’s about the surveillance state. It’s basically about the spies of the nation turning their technology inward and actually spying on the citizens of England and London. There’s one that’s about the surveillance state. There’s one that’s themed around the private military contractors who’ve supplanted the police in the city, and they’ve actually taken over.

Watch Dogs Legion is pencilled in for a March 6, 2020 for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. The game takes place in Blighty, where surveillance is rife thanks to the application of an advanced system known as ctOS. That’s where hacking group DecSec come in, as they try to combat this authoritarian regime by recruiting allies across London.

The unique ‘play as any NPC’ mechanic gives you access to a wide range of characters, each one possessing a unique background and abilities to help propel the story forward. If they die, then that’s it; they’re brown bread for the rest of the game.

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Source: Games Radar