Watch Sony’s cancelled PS4 game "Gnomageddon"


Nope, not a joke.

In case you didn’t know, there’s a ton of games that get cancelled midway through its development or sometimes even when a game’s finished. And that’s exactly what we have today. In the video above by Unseen64, he highlights a cancelled PlayStation 4 game called "Gnomageddon." Nope, that’s definitely the title — at least before it was cancelled. 

Gnomeageddon was being developed by Sony San Diego (MLB: The Show. The Mark of Kri) and was a third-person online action game that had MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) elements. It had no more than 11 people working on it at one time, and was split into three main modes — a Versus mode (team deathmatch style), Hold Out (plays like Gears of War’s Horder mode and Raid (a co-op mode that had players seizing an enemy garden).

The video isn’t just a look at Gnomageddon, but a deeper look into Sony San Diego and how the two internal teams worked separately from each other, and how projects were approved. As one can surmise, the sources from the video are people who wished to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. 

One of the reasons why the game flamed out was due to Kill Strain — the free-to-play (F2P) MOBA game developed by the studio that unfortunately, is already dead. 

Give the 15-minute video a watch! There’s not only gameplay footage of Gnomageddon but a thorough look at how studios pitch and transition from one game to the next

Source: NeoGAF