What if these PlayStation villains had their own game?

Being the good guy or gal is all very well and has its benefits. But come on, just admit it, haven’t you ever been sitting there, playing Final Fantasy VII, stylistically slicing up Sephiroth with Cloud’s omnislash, or smacking Liquid Snake in the chops as his heroic twin brother in Metal Gear Solid only to think to yourself – wouldn’t this be totally spiffing if the shoe was on the other foot, so to speak?

Most gamers have a desire, be it subconscious or an outspoken craving, to be the bad guy. Recent titles like Mass Effect and The Elder Scrolls allow us to fulfill these desires, carrying out unscrupulous activities like pinching some poor sod’s life savings or verbally abusing a crew member, to outright murder. And we bloody love it. Needless to say, the PlayStation family of consoles has played host to some truly iconic baddies over the years, and it’s this bunch of dodgy folk that we’re focusing on for our latest feature.

Sure, a couple of times we’ve had the pleasure of stepping into the role of the bad guy (or gal), but that’s not enough for us sadists – we’d love to see some of PlayStation’s biggest, baddest baddies get their own full-on outing. Here’s our wishlist below.

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Metal Gear Solid’s Revolver Ocelot wasn’t always the primary villain throughout the series, but that didn’t stop the self-confessed sadist from overshadowing his compatriots by a comfortable margin. Indeed, Ocelot – real name Adamska – has such a rich and compelling history interwoven into the Metal Gear lore that we can’t imagine why he couldn’t step up to the protagonist plate and star in his own venture. There’s plenty of material there to work with, and we’d love to be there in the driving seat as a younger, brash Ocelot evolves into the bearded super villain he would become. Highly proficient old-fashioned shooters as his name alludes, Ocelot’s daring, dexterous gunplay would make him quite an interesting combatant to say the least – imagine pulling off one of those immaculate revolver-ricochet shots ala MGS3 on an unsuspecting soldier, for example. Of course, this IS MGS-related, so we wouldn’t want Ocelot incongruously flipping and flaying all over the place, spouting witty one liners and racking up combos. However, there’s no reason why Konami couldn’t put a unique stamp on the proceedings without mucking up any heritage.


Former chief antagonist of the Resident Evil franchise, Wesker may be brown bread now (well, you try falling into a lava pit and having a rocket shoved in your gob and survive), but there’s still plenty of untapped potential left in the old dog yet. Since gaining superhuman augmentation following his ‘death’ and the hands of the Tyrant in RE1, much of Wesker’s exploits following the destruction of the Spencer Mansion – and later, Raccoon City – remain a mystery. Sure, we know he was scuttling around in the shadows, but doing what? Umbrealla Chronicles gave us a taste of what it would be like to play as the perpetually stoic blonde baddie, as did the non-canon Mercenaries mode – but we’re gagging for more. Furthermore, thanks to those aforementioned tasters, we know he’d make a cracking playable character. We’re no stranger to super-charged leads – inFamous and Prototype have players stepping into the shoes of protagonists who aren’t exactly your average Joe – and Wesker would fit snugly into this particular avenue. Slapping about zombies and battering B.O.W.s would undoubtedly prove an effortless, visceral walk in the park for a chap like Wesker, and his enhanced athletic abilities could easily accommodate some fast-paced, seamless platforming segments. Sure, we’re not talking Shakespeare quality here in terms of narrative, but evil Albert’s got plenty of rotting corpses in his closet worth reliving.


Every man and his dog loves Sephiroth. In fact, I’ve known a few people in my time who couldn’t give a rat’s arse about Final Fantasy VII, but will happily concede that its cloaked, grey-haired villain is worthy of such praise as one of all-time greatest PlayStation baddies. Unsurprisingly, I concur. Compared to most game bad guys, ‘ol Seppy is perhaps the most convoluted of the lot, with more than enough twists and turns in his plot to confuse my rapidly aging brain cells. But all this makes for compelling material, and could lead to a meaty prequel adventure to the events of FFVII. Sure, we’ve had Crisis Core and a number of other spin-offs, but how brilliant would it be to step into the legendary villain’s earlier years, tracking his rise to fame as the cream of the crop in SOLDIER, to that fateful day at the Mako Reactor in Nibbleheim? Thanks to Cloud’s FFVII flashback, we’ve seen what Sephiroth can do in battle, and we’d love to get the chance to take command of the iconic baddie and test out that deadly Masume blade. Plus, there’s plenty of opportunity here to capitalize on recent innovations within the RPG genre; maybe eschewing the bread-and-butter combat of FFVII in favour of sharing closer ties with recent offerings like Crisis Core and FFX, while avoiding the linearity of FFXIII. The possibilities are endless.


Want an excuse just to chop enemies into kebab chunks and decimate anyone who ventures into your path? Then Silent Hill 2’s inexorable adversary Pyramid Head is the man (or should we say, freak) for the job. No fancy pants combat system or cerebral puzzling antics here; just good old fashioned blood bath in the hack-n-slash mould. Got a problem? Shove an exorbitantly-large sword through it and ask questions later. This would be the chance to just have a bit of fun, and not necessarily adhere to the conventions of Silent Hill lore. After all, Pyramid Head is an integral part of the core narrative, being a manifestation of James Sunderland’s guilt over his wife’s death. However, Konami has shown they are partial to severing the apron strings from time to time, as seen in Silent Hill: The Arcade and Silent Hill: Homecoming, the latter of which featured our pointy-hatted baddie under the moniker of The Bogeyman. As such, there’s no reason why they couldn’t cobble together a gore fest where the player’s aim is to cause as much misery and pain as possible for the unfortunate victims of the fog-bound town. It doesn’t have to be a big-budget, third-person affair, which wouldn’t suite Pyramid Head’s lumbering nature. How about a top-down hack-‘em-up where it’s Pyramid Head and his evil cohorts vs. the human population? Granted, it probably won’t win any awards for innovation, but we can’t be the only ones who wondered what it’d be like to slip on that blood-stained clobber and wield a knife that looks like it could dissect an Elephant.


Dante’s evil twin may have been playable in the special edition of Devil May Cry 3, but let’s not kid ourselves here – it wasn’t Vergil’s game by far. Nope, we’d like to see the silver-haired antagonist get a full-on action slash-‘em-up of his own, perhaps detailing his descent into hell and how he would become the Dark Knight known as Neo Angelo. Vergil would obviously suite Devil May Cry’s penchant for delivering eyeball-popping action spectacles and stylish sword play, and would give the creators ample opportunity to tap into his unique character traits and come up with the ying to Dante’s yang, as it were. After all, Vergil only had one style in DMC 3: Special Edition, so it would be great to expand his repertoire for a full-fledged outing. Needless to say, we’d also like to see a few new weapons thrown into the mix, preferably those that aren’t shared with Dante this time; keep the iconic Yamato though, for obvious reasons. This combined with some unique creatures (since Vergil is a baddie, how about fighting against the good guys for change?) would make for the quintessential DMC experience.