Where is Xur? Location and new items today in Destiny 2– October 20-24

xur location revealed

Where is Xur today and what is he selling in Destiny 2?

The hooded salesman is back in one of the patrol areas with a bag of exotic items that you can exchange for Legendary Shards.

Items include exotic armor and weapons!

What time does Xur arrive?

Xur’s location is revealed at 10am BST on October 20 and he’ll be available in that area until Tuesday, October 24, 2017.

Where is Xur this week?

You can find Xur easily thanks to the new ability to track his location. Simply boot up your Director, hover over the planets and you’ll see his icon marked with an X. This week, you can find him on Titan near The Rig.

What is Xur selling?

Get your hard-earned Legendary Shards at the ready because Xur has the following items in store today.

  • Sweet Business – Auto Rifle
  • Raiden Flux – Chest Armor
  • Doom Fang Pauldron – Gauntlets
  • Winter’s Guile – Gauntlets

Earlier this week, the Destiny 2 servers were down as Bungie prepared for update Patch notes have yet to be revealed, but it’s reported that general server maintenance is being carried out, and possibly a fix to the current Leviathan raid boss fight glitch.

Destiny 2 also experienced issues with the Nightfall Strike this week, following the weekly reset. The Nightfall started off as Exodus Crash, but due to reported issues from players, it was switched to Pyramidion.

Coming in December, Guardians can look forward to the upcoming DLC content with an expansion called Curse of Osiris which heavily features the Hive.