Why We Love Playing Slots Based on US Movies

The US gambling industry continues to expand. There are now over 30 US states that have now made betting legal. It’s not just the latest NFL or NBA game that gamblers bet on. Slot games are incredibly and they have special themes.

It is always a good idea to launch a slot game that is based on a movie that has had great success at the US box office. There’s already a massive fanbase out there that see the movie and yearn for the day when a slot, video or board game is released. It just ensures that it isn’t all about just watching and enjoying the movie.

If a movie-themed slot game is featured on an American online gambling site, there’s a great chance that it will be hugely successful. This article will look at some of the top slot games that are based on movies.


It’s not just the latest movies that find that US gamblers look forward to playing its slots version. The movie ‘Grease’ celebrates its 45th birthday in 2023. Sadly, any celebrations won’t be attended by Olivia Newton John who sadly passed away earlier this year.

That sad news has led to players going to US online gambling sites to play the slot game that was released by Playtech. That’s one of the pleasures of playing online slots that are based on movies. Your memories of the film you enjoyed in US movie theaters come flooding back. You can also remind yourself just how great Oliva Newton John was in that movie.

For a movie-themed slot to be successful, it really needs to feature symbols and other images that bring back those memories. That’s the case with this game with all your favorite characters included, even if they were far too old to be playing teenagers. There are clips of the songs that did so well in the US charts.

With random and stacked wilds plus free spins and a pick ‘em round, this is a great game to play. When playing this slot at a US gambling site, there are some big wins available too thanks to the progressie jackpot. It’ll soon become the one that you want to play.

Being able to legally gamble hasn’t always been the case in the US. Four years ago, a US Supreme Court Judge ruling totally changed the gambling industry. The ruling meant that individual US states could decide for themselves whether or not to make betting legal.

New Jersey had been one of the main states that campaigned to end the days when it was the federal government that had the final decision on the matter. They swiftly made betting legal and online casinos in New Jerseygiants like betMGM or new gambling sites such as StarDust – have proved to be a great success. As per NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement, for the month of October, Internet Gaming Win reported by casinos and their partners was $147.2 million, reflecting growth of 15.9% compared to $127.0 million for the prior period.

The state is happy too as millions of dollars have been received from gambling tax revenue.2023 will see more US states make betting legal, so even more players will be legally enjoying playing movie-related slots.

Jurassic World

Let’s get up to date now and one of the blockbuster US movies of the year. The slot version of this movie has been a massive hit at US online casinos. You could say it’s been a monster hit.

This game was released by Microgaming who have a licensing agreement for this hugely popular series of movies. This means the symbols are of characters from the movie that US moviegoers have enjoyed so much.

If you want to play a game with lots of ways to win, then this is for you. Players at US online casinos have 243 different ways in which to get a win. One feature of this slot game sees the frightening Indominus Rex make an appearance. When this beast arrives it can see your win be as high as 1000x so nothing to be scared of.

Justice League

It’s amazing how many of the top US movies feature superheroes. DC Comics have created a massive number of superheroes that remain popular in the 2020s. Many such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (the slot version is more popular than the movie that bombed at the US box office) and The Flash.

Several of those superheroes appeared in the Justice League movie. The Playtech slot version available at US online casinos has been a big hit. DC based slot games have a progressive jackpot so there are some large amounts that can be won, always a great reason to play a slot game.

It’s not quite the same situation with Star Wars or Marvel characters. The Walt Disney company owns those characters and haven’t been allowing slot game releases. That might change in 2023 though with the company looking at the prospect of entering the sports betting market and slot releases might just follow. Now that would be something to look forward to.