Will Scump Lead OpTiC Texas to Victory at CDL 2022: Major 4

The CDL (Call of Duty League) is one of the top esports competitions for this franchise. It started last February, and it’s now heading to Major 4. In this decisive stage, the best eight of the 12 competing teams will secure a place in the Champs. There will be a qualifying round before Major 4, which will occur between July 1 and 17. The Major will last for three days: from July 21 to 24. Could Scump’s fast trigger lead his team to victory?

Among the Best

OpTic Texas is one of the strongest teams in this year’s CDL, seconded only by Atlanta FaZe, which is also in a very prolific moment. Currently, 35 points are separating both teams. Atlanta FaZe has 260 points; OpTic Texas begins the Major 4 with 225 points, followed by Seattle Surge with 175 points.

Atlanta FaZe brings a winning streak of 13 matches on the belt. The team is sure to pose a real challenge to the Lone Star contenders, which have a 10-match winning streak to call their own. Anyway, both sides have fantastic lineups and a clear lead above the other teams. Could Scump tip the scale for the OpTics? While sportsbooks across the globe are already calculating the odds, you can find some of the best esports betting on Unibet Canada.

Seth “Scump” Abner

Scump’s first appearance in a professional CoD competition was in 2012. In 2017, he was a gold medalist at the X Games and won the World Championship. He’s also an experienced player in other games, tried and tested in Halo 4 tournaments since 2011.

Scump won over 30 prizes in the most important esports competitions worldwide. He’s played in a few teams since the beginning of his career, most noticeably Quantic LeveraGE, Chicago Huntsmen, and currently, OpTic Texas. Scump is now living on the best moments in his career. He’s part of the so-called “OpTic Gaming dynasty” that won 18 tournaments. In 2016, he was awarded the Esports Console of the Year.

The Major 4

The Major 4 has a USD 500,000 prize pool, USD 400,000 of which is distributed among the first three teams. The top team earns USD 200,000; the second, USD 120,000; the third one gets USD 80,000. The best eight teams will head to the final round in August. Each place also awards CDL points to each qualifying team. By the end of this stage, the first three places earn 65, 50, and 40 points.

OpTic Texas would have to finish the Major 4 on top to secure leadership above Atlanta FaZe. FaZe might be out of reach for Seattle Surge, with only 175 points. However, OpTic Texas isn’t, and Scump’s team could be only a slip away from losing the second position. So, OpTic has plenty of reasons to fight an existential fight until August.

One for the Team

Scump left Quantic LeveraGE for OpTic Texas in 2011, in a swap where Proofy went to the Quantic, and Scump joined OpTic. So, he’s been playing with OpTic for over ten years, during which he helped the team amass several prizes. Beating FaZe at its best moment is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges in his career.

Not many CoD players can brag about receiving “The Game Awards”. Indeed, only five of them can; Scump’s one of them. He was also crucial in the “eSports Team of the Year” award. It all goes to say that the man is a real game-changer and a true legend of the game.