Wonderbook’s Diggs Nightcrawler offers something for the adults too

Though Moonbot Studio’s Creative Director Adam Hawker describes his film-noire inspired Wonderbook detective tale as a title predominantly "aimed toward 7-11 year olds," he also promises an adventure that is "full of wacky and wonderful characters that will appeal to adults too."

Speaking with PSU at Gamescom, Hawker says that the game’s main character, Diggs the bookworm detective, is inspired by Humphrey Bogart, while the theme of Diggs Nightcrawler takes a lot of its inspiration from films such as The Big Sleep and Double Indemnity.

During the presentation, Hawker explains that some of the characters you meet have personalities deeply rooted in this bygone era. The Three Blind Mice, for example, are modelled on the Rat Pack, while Itsy Bitsy Spider is inspired by Lauren Bacall. Though Diggs will bump into many fairy tale and nursery rhyme legends, he says it has a "good story and good characters" that will appeal to a much broader audience.

Diggs Nightcrawker makes use of WonderBook as players progress through the story by turning pages, attempting to work out who has committed a murder in Library town, where piles of books fill the skies like skyscrapers. In the GamesCom trailer, the artwork and voice acting is impressive and though little has been shown as to how we’ll interact with the characters through the book, early signs are good and have certainly ramped up our interest in the interactive storybook.

A release date has yet to be announced for Diggs Nightcrawler, though it’s expected to launch in 2013.