WoW Cataclysm Review – Your Classic Journey Continues

World of Warcraft is considered one of the most successful large-scale multiplayer role-playing games. The biggest reason behind the success of World of Warcraft is that it combines dragons, orcs, and humans all in one place. The game also features separate battlegrounds for teams to prove their fighting skills. You can fight in three-vs-three and ten-vs-ten battles in here. Cataclysm is an extension of the original World of Warcraft.

In WoW, the level cap was eighty, and reaching the max level would take around one month of solid gameplay. Now, the level cap has been increased thanks to adding five new levels with the Cataclysm extension. But don’t worry, you can use boosting WoW Cataclysm to cut short this time. Along with these new levels, the extension also features other features, such as new races, dungeons, and professions.

Blizzard Entertainment is total of innovation and ambition; Cataclysm is a testament to this. Cataclysm brings many changes to the world of Azeroth. It reshaped the World of Warcraft, and players now have many adventures they can set.

WoW Cataclysm Story

There are three major extensions in World of Warcraft, and Cataclysm is the third one. The story of this extension takes players to the time when a chain reaction of natural disasters is occurring. These disasters occur because Deathwing broke the boundaries between the physical world and the elemental plane. The main story of WoW Cataclysm is about the dragons of Azeroth.

These events brought destruction to the whole landscape. The world is in turmoil, and new quests and storylines are available in the ruins. Classic zones have been revamped to a great extent to breathe new life into the experience level. This is a chance for veteran players to experience nostalgia while new content for new players. The original zones were removed from Cataclysm, and some community members have criticized them. Besides, the game adds a new difficult dungeon system to put your fighting and survival skills to test. Always prefer collecting resources before first-sight battles. Learn how to craft items and create shelter to survive in harsh condition.


New quests are introduced in this extension, adding fun to the game. You can complete these quests in no time, so the only problem is finding these quests. Special quest hubs are available, but only a few are available in each hub.

The game is helpful as you will be guided with an arrow about where to go and what object to pick. The Twilight Highlands is the final leveling zone. Players expected a lot from this, but it failed to impress them. Although there were a lot of improvements here, it was the best of the best. The remaining four zones were better than this zone in many areas. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that quests are the most critical factor when it comes to leveling up your account. Once you achieve the highest level, the endgame content will be unlocked to play.

New Frontiers

Along with many changes, two new playable races are also coming to Cataclysm. One race is dwarves, while the second race is goblins. The stoic dwarves are from the earthen ring, while the enigmatic goblins are from the Bilgewater cartel. New starting zones and rich lores are also available with these two classes.

You can create new characters using these two classes. A new profession is also added to Cataclysm. This profession is called archeology. Thanks to this new profession, you can explore the open world like never before. Those who explore this profession can get their hands on artifacts.

Two new battlegrounds are available for player-versus-player content in Cataclysm. One of the battlegrounds is called the twin peas. Here, you can experience capture-the-flag-like gameplay. This map features a river, a deathtrap for players who don’t play mindfully. The second battleground is the battle for Gilneas.

Both battlegrounds are built for ten players. The first battleground has some balance issues, while the second battleground is built for players who want to experience fast-paced fights. These additions are great, but players were expecting a new game mode from the developers.

Gameplay Changes

Cataclysm also includes significant changes to class mechanics, talent trees, and the overall gameplay. Mastery bonuses are added to take the class customization to a new level. Now, whatever choices players make in creating their character will be meaningful. A new talent system was also introduced, but it received mixed reviews from players. This system needs more complexity and customization.

Finding raids was brutal in World of Warcraft, but developers have introduced a new tool. This tool is called LFR or looking for a raid. Thanks to this tool, players can enjoy a good raiding experience. This tool is very convenient for casual players, but some say it has reduced the difficulty of some raids.


In World of Warcraft history, raids are significant as they offer some of the most memorable encounters. From battling the corrupted elemental lords in the Firelands to fighting the Deathwing himself in the Dragon Soul raid, players faced challenges that tested their skill to the max.

The raid design is updated in Cataclysm with various new cinematic moments and mechanics. Like everything else, these updates made some raids good while others were bad. Some raids are too difficult after the updates or the mechanics are broken during other raids. But no matter what happens, players are still excited to take on these raids.


Regarding patches of World of Warcraft, Cataclysm is on the loose ground here. This is because various dead patches are available here. A new design of zones is available in World of Warcraft, but the size of the old zone isn’t compatible with the new designs.

Now, non-playing characters that provide you with quests and monsters are next to each other, so avoiding monsters becomes even more difficult. Earlier, players even enjoyed exploring the open world for new quests, but things have changed. Thanks to the quest finder, you can find quests in no time.