XCOM re-reveal imminent? Secret dossier hides clues to new 2K game

According to a report by VideoGamer, there is reason to believe that 2K Games is preparing to re-reveal its first-person shooter XCOM in the near future.

This speculation was sparked this morning by a package received by VideoGamer, which read "Burn After Opening" and included a dossier that contained a sight-seeing map of Rosemont, Georgia, a confirmed location for the shooter, as well as a photo depicting a street and a floating cube. Previous XCOM screenshots illustrate similar scenes. The package also contained an ashtray and lighter for the convenient destruction of evidence.

Many fundamental questions concerning 2K Marin’s first-person shooter remain following the removal of the game’s website and all official discussion of the title from the web. Rumors suggest that the game is undergoing a major overhaul, will no longer be a first-person shooter, and will be called The Bureau rather than XCOM.