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XDefiant Season 1 Launches July 2, New Faction, Maps, Weapons And More

XDefiant, the new free-to-play 6v6 arena shooter from Ubisoft has seemingly had a strong launch for Season 0, and today during the Ubisoft Forward 2024 presentation, we got our first look at what’s to come in Season 1.

The coming season will add the first new faction for the game, Rainbow Six Siege’s own GSK. We don’t know what their abilities are but by the look of the trailer it seems they’ll fall into more of a tank-role, similar to the Phantoms.

It all arrives on July 2, 2024, and a day before that on July 1, 2024 we’ll get a full reveal on everything the season will have in store.

Players can expect new weapons and a new map to be added to the game each month the season is live. We can’t know at this point if that’s the pace Ubisoft will try to keep for each season, but it is exciting for fans to see.

As with everything in XDefiant, the maps will pull from other Ubisoft IP’s, keeping the arenas you’ll battle it out on varied.

A new game mode in Capture The Flag is also being added, and of course there will be a whole new batch of cosmetics and battle pass rewards to grind through.

Source – [Ubisoft]