Yakuza 5 will ship in U.S. with all DLC from Japanese release

SEGA has confirmed that the upcoming western release of Yakuza 5 will ship with all of the DLC previously released for the Japanese version of the action-adventure sequel.

Among the extra goodies you’ll receive includes the ‘Another Drama’ pack, which offers a series of sub-plots centred around the game’s five main protagonists.

Yakuza 5 takes place following the events of its predecessors (the non-canonical Yakuza: Dead Souls obviously not a part of the main story), as we catch up with Kazuma Kiryu, who is now working as a taxi driver in Fukuoka under a new name. 

Unlike previous instalments in the multi-million selling franchise, Yakuza 5 will take place across five unique locations across Japan, including the series staple, Kamuro City. The game will be released as a digital title on PlayStation 3 in the west later this year.

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