Yakuza Kiwami update 1.07 is now out, adds Kiwami Street Pack DLC

yakuza kiwami update

Remember when SEGA promised some sweet Yakuza Kiwami DLC? Well, with today’s Yakuza Kiwami update, you’re getting exactly that! Today’s Yakuza Kiwami update 1.07 adds the "Street Pack" content for free! Fire up your PlayStation 4 right now so you can get the following:

  • Prison Escapee prison outfit (Kiryu)
  • Pocket Circuit part – Extra Balance Motor
  • Pocket Circuit part – Extra Slim Tires
  • Pocket Circuit part – Boost Gears
  • Pocket Circuit part – Speed Frame Plus
  • Stone of Enduring

Still haven’t picked up Yakuza Kiwami? Don’t forget to read our review to see why that needs to be amended ASAP. If you have picked it up, here’s the Yakuza Kiwami DLC roadmap for September:

  • September 5: Kiwami Fun Pack – Dragon tattoo for topless Kiryu, modified model gun, gold plate, and consumables 
  • September 12: Kiwami Street Pack – Prins outfit for Kiryu and Stone of Enduring, which protects against critical attacks
  • September 19: Kiwami Fun Pack 2 – Black suit, Marlin Cannon
  • September 26: Snake Skin jacket for Maxima, pocket circuit parks and Sacrifice Stone

Lastl, we ran a feature yesterday where we dive into the Yakuza franchise and its complete history, Go give that a read to see the franchise’s beginnings.

Source: GeekCulturePodcast