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Yoko Taro Says Stellar Blade Is Superior To NieR: Automata

Speaking during an interview with IGN Japan, Yoko Taro and Hyung-Tae Kim discussed the upcoming Stellar Blade and its comparisons to NieR: Automata, with Taro-san stating that he believes Shift Up‘s upcoming title is superior to NieR.

Stellar Blade is a really amazing game. I’d say that it’s much better than NieR:Automata. The graphics are completely next-gen quality and the character design’s direction is amazing. The cool male characters and cute female characters unique to Mr. Kim’s style are really appealing.

Shops in RPGs often have a close-up shot of the shopkeeper, which I don’t like because I think it feels unnatural. Stellar Blade has a shot like that too, but the shopkeeper was so cute that I didn’t mind! Her cuteness felt more important than any design choices.

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Actually, I kind of knew that Stellar Blade was going to be compared with NieR: Automata, and I told Mr. Kim when we first met. If you actually play it, you’ll instantly realise that it’s a very different game, but a delicate female character doing cool action is bound to draw comparisons. If Stellar Blade would have been the same game with a macho male character, I think people wouldn’t have pointed out the similarities. It just happens to be that there are not many games with a similar style.

Last week, Shift Up responded to the popularity of the Stellar Blade demo by asking fans to ‘go easy’ on the teaser ahead of the game’s launch. The game’s director also stressed the importance of having single-player games with an ending in the industry.

Stellar Blade is scheduled for release on April 26, 2024 for PS5.

[Source – IGN Japan]