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Yu Suzuki Says There’s ‘No Concrete Plans’ For Shenmue 4

SEGA legend and Ys Net boss Yu Suzuki has revealed that there are ‘no concrete plans’ for Shenmue 4 at this point.

Suzuki-san was speaking at a special event over the weekend to celebrate Shenmue in Yokosuka, which is the city where first game takes place. The Out-Run creator spoke about the Shenmue anime, Shenmue 3, as well as plans for the future, which sadly isn’t set in stone yet.

Regarding Shenmue 3, Suzuki revealed the game was made for the fans and was pleased with its reception, but admitted newcomers “felt like they had been left behind.” As such, Shenmue wasn’t the ideal starting point for folk who hadn’t played the first two games.

Despite this, he’s still eager to make Shenmue 4 and wants to “make it possible for new players to play the next one.”

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Rumors about Shenmue 4 cropped up recently after it was suggested that 110 Industries had something to do with the as-yet unannounced sequel. Given Suzuki’s comments however, we can safely assume this isn’t the case.

Suzuki has previously said that he will ‘never give up‘ on the series and, like his recent comments, said that Shenmue 4 would need to appeal to a wider audience.

[Source – VGC]