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Zombie Army 4 Update 1.44 Addresses Audio Inconsistencies On PS4, PS5

Rebellion has exhumed a decaying horde of Zombie Army 4 update 1.44 patch notes for you to head-shot, which come packing a range of fixes for all versions of the game. Notably, PlayStation users will benefit from a fixes for ‘audio inconsistencies’ that have lingered.

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Windows Store:

  • The issue causing DLC to go missing despite players owning and installing the content has now been resolved


  • Online multiplayer can now be accessed after an extended soak in rest mode
  • Players can now view the text messages in lobby and during gameplay sent from self or other players that are also in Simplified Chinese
  • There is now a PlayStation icon next to a PlayStation players’ name on their player card or when they use Voice Chat


  • Cross-play – PC platforms are now currently able to switch between Push-to-talk and Always-On when using Voice Chat
  • When using a Gamepad, PC players are now able to use voice chat due to initial issues with it currently only working as “Push to Talk” via the keyboard

All Platforms (Excluding Stadia):

  • The progress Block on Rotten Coast, Survive Hitler’s Trap has now been resolved
  • FG 42 SMG Stat Card Error has been rectified
  • The Damnedbusters achievement now unlocks after completing the mission
  • The progress block on Dead Zeppelin Heartbreaker objective has been resolved
  • In Deeper Than Hell, Episode 4 Ancient Temple, the ‘Stop Schweiger Completing the Occult Engine’ objective now gets completed after destroying all 7 batteries during coop play-through
  • The Blowtorch Weapon – VFX of weapon attachments now disappears after consuming it
  • The ‘All of this has happened before’ achievement now unlocks
  • Tarot Charm Pack – The ‘Judgement’ charm no longer clips with the ‘Blowtorch’ during gameplay
  • Occult Karl Outfit – No longer clips with certain Pistols and the holster of the Occult Karl Outfit
  • Occult Karl Outfit – Certain headgear no longer clips with the head of the Occult Karl Outfit
  • The Strange Brigade Headgear Pack – Eyeballs of ‘Occult Karl’ character now glow after equipping the ‘Mummy Head Mask’
  • The Progression block on Zombie Zoo Nightmare mode has been resolved
  • Progress Block on Hell Base, Chapter 4, Survive the Zombie Horde has been resolved
  • Hell’s Cauldron – Walkway B – Overly dark texture is no longer observed over the metal platform present near the Fire trap located on Walkway B
  • Hell’s Cauldron – Walkway A2 – Black texture is no longer observed in the gap of the metal beams present near the Tower A door located on the Walkway A2
  • Cross-play (PlayStation/PC only) – In a Lobby or in-game the player’s own “Mute” button is now disabled If Voice Chat is disabled in the Options
  • Cross-play (PlayStation/PC only) – When disabling Voice Chat via the Options in a Lobby or in-game, the disabled comms icon failed to appear. This will appear correctly after leaving and re-joining
  • Blowtorch Weapon Bundle – The visuals for the first, second and third damage upgrades are now unique
  • Ambient, menu and zombie sounds are now at the correct levels

[Source – Zombie Army 4]