Fuel Tiracas Review

Fuel Tiracas is the second of Brighton-based Futurlab’s PlayStation Mobile launch duo. Fuel Tiracas centres around power stations which need reactors to operate. There are 12 in total, 12 levels, which get progressively more difficult.

To progress through the game, you have to activate fuel cells by placing fuel in them. To do this, you have to tap the on-screen circles as they appear, you only have a certain time to hit them as they deplete as time goes on. When you do hit them they fill up the corresponding fuel cell which is dependent on the colour. There are two to six different coloured fuel cells in each level and each has a marked zone which you have to hit by filling the fuel cell by hitting the circles. Once the marked zone is hit, switch to the next fuel cell, if you don’t you can overfuel the cell which doesn’t give the reactor power so you can’t complete the level.

Of course, it isn’t that simple. As you are hitting the circles you have to keep an eye out for the contaminated fuel circles, which are marked by a skull emblem. Hitting these will deplete the fuel in the cell. Also, as you are juggling multiple fuel cells, watch out for the ones you have filled dropping out of the marked zone. If they do this then you will be unable to power the reactor and finish the level. Juggling numerous fuel cells is a challenge but very addictive since you have to be quick to hit the circles and manage the fuel cells. It’s a simple formula but it works very well. To finish the level, you have to have all the fuel cells filled up to the marked zone simultaneously. This powers the reactor and when the power hits 100 you have finished the level. Fuel Tiracas also has leaderboards for the levels so you can see where your time stacks up against the world.

All in all, Fuel Tiracas is a great game; it has addicting gameplay and for just £0.40 (UK price) it represents unbelievable value for money. So much so, you’ll feel like you’re robbing Futurlab in broad daylight. PlayStation Mobile is off to a flyer.



The Final Word

All in all, Fuel Tiracas is a great game; it has addicting gameplay and for just 40p (UK price) it represents unbelievable value for money.