Gotham City Impostors Review

Gotham City Impostors seems to take its idea from a single scene within Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. Near the beginning of the film, Batman has apprehended a few people dressing up as the Bat himself, dishing out their own brand of justice. Gotham City Impostors boils down to groups of people who idolize the good ‘ol Bat, or find themselves more in-line with the Joker. That’s about all the story you’ll get from this downloadable title. Saying this game is multiplayer focused would be an understatement.

From the outset, it seems that Gotham City Impostors takes quite a bit of influence from Team Fortress 2, but adds a ton of customization which keeps it fresh. Instead of being locked into the class you choose before you spawn, you can either select from the preset classes created by developer Monolith, or go out and make your own. While making your own custom class, there are a metric ton of options available to you. There are seven weapon types with several different weapons in each category. Each weapon type can have up to one mod on it, and each class you make can have up to two perks associated with it. Also, there are different body types that you can choose between, each having different stats attributed to it. The five body types range from very small and speedy to large brooding hulks of people. If you’re looking for a more cosmetic avenue to spend your time pursuing, Gotham City has you covered as well. You can edit your costume for both Bats and Jokerz, each costume has seven changeable pieces that you can either pay for via “costume coins” or you can pony up real money in a micro-transaction buy-what-you-want style. For those not willing to pay real cash for cosmetic items, don’t fret, everything is unlockable just by playing the game. Granted you’ll have to spend some time gaining levels and earning unlocks to make the exact character you want, but in the end it’ll be worth it.

Moving onto game modes, there are currently three options. Your standard team deathmatch, Fumigation, which is your basic capture and hold objective-based mission, and Psych Warfare, which is one flag CTF. If the three modes sound standard, well, they are. The draw is the fast paced gameplay with a light peppering of even quicker traversal elements tossed in. Gotham City Impostors has no qualms with letting you move from one side of the map to the other at a blistering pace. Through five of the seven gadgets, you gain abilities like being able to fly in the air from any vents on the ground, grapple to almost anything in your line-of-sight, jump insanely far, or double jump. The gadgets that get you moving fast feel like a key part of the gameplay, especially if you’re one of the bigger guys. There’s no easier way to put it other than it feels awesome to grapple across an entire level then turn around to gun down the opposing team.

One thing Gotham City Impostors excels at is presentation. The overtly cartoon-ish art style adds a ton of charm to something that could have been dark and dreary like Nolan’s film iterations of Batman, which seems to suit this game much better. Along with the art style being cartoon-ish, the voice acting took the same route. Often you can hear people shouting “PAIN” while being shot, or telling you how much you suck when they kill you. Thankfully, the acting comes off as endearing rather than annoying.

There seems to be one minor problem, though. There is no stopping people from taking class based weapons, like the mega phone, which heals people, out of their arsenal, there is also no way to tell if you have a medic on your team. This is a very, very minor problem, as most of the time no one is playing a medic regardless. It feels like perhaps Monolith maybe should have held back a little from the user created classes to provide more in the way of class based experiences.

What Monolith has done here was almost perfectly meld two types of game styles–the roles from Team Fortress and progression/perks from Call of Duty. While looking at them separately, they’re not something that should distinctly go together, but surprisingly they fit each other like a puzzle piece. Or at least Monolith makes it looks that easy.



The Final Word

Gotham City Impostors is a fantastic downloadable game for those in love with Team Fortress 2, or those addicted to Call of Duty's leveling system. Even though a lot has been borrowed from other games, Impostors forges an identity all its own.