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Nacon Revolution 5 Pro Review – A Near Perfect Controller Missing A Vital Component

Nacon Revolution 5 Pro Review – If you’re like me and tend to have bad luck with controllers, wondering if there’s a controller available on the PS5 with offset analogue sticks, or just happen to be on the lookout for a more competitive edge with backpedals and what not, then you’ve probably heard of Nacon’s Revolution 5 Pro.

On the face of it, the Revolution 5 Pro is a very impressive piece of kit, but when it comes to the PS5 specifically, one crucial asset lets it down, but it might still be what you’re looking for. Without further adieu, let’s get into it.

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Nacon Revolution 5 Pro Review – A Near Perfect Controller Missing A Vital Component

The Hall Effect

Having gone through a variety of controllers across the board, particularly losing more than a few to stick drift, there is one feature on the Revolution 5 Pro that stuck out to me more than any other; Hall effect triggers and sticks.

Most controllers will eventually fall victim to the dreaded stick drift, but the Hall sensors which can be found in both the sticks and triggers, essentially erase stick drift as a possibility. Which for me, as someone who often plays competitive games; is a deciding factor.

There is undoubtedly a smooth response and a real sense of precision from the sticks that is unlike any other controller on the market. Combined with the offset placement of said sticks, and the comfort around your palms, the sense of quality is immediately apparent.

The triggers feel great, with just enough of a buffer within them by default, to not feel them clash against the chassis when pressed. However, more impressively, is the ability to customise just how much pressure you need to apply to those triggers, at the flick of a switch.

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When it comes to twitch shooters, that millisecond of reaction time, only needing to half pull the trigger, can mean the difference between winning and losing. Once again, a must have feature for premium controllers.

Weighted Or Weightless

Another great feature of the Revolution 5 Pro is the ability to change the weight of the controller to meet your own comfort standards. I really appreciate this, as I find controllers such the Xbox Elite controller just a touch too weighty.

Amongst the array of accessories that come with the Revolution 5 Pro, there is a selection of weights that allow you to manually change the weight of controller that can be placed into the controller grips.

Being able to customise the weight is a luxury I didn’t know I needed until I started messing around with the Revolution 5 Pro, because the most comfortable weight for me is nigh weightless. I almost don’t want to feel it there at all, and having that option is yet another deciding factor for me.

The back pedals are neatly positioned where you would usually find them, but not so overly obnoxious that you find on other controllers, where you may press them by accident. Admittedly this still happens to me, but less so.

Naturally you can map these buttons however you see fit either manually with a few button presses, or through its rather helpful companion app. Additionally, you can then apply these button layouts to colour coded profiles which you can cycle through via the dedicated button.

This is an incredibly useful feature if like me, you have different set ups, for different games.

So Close Yet So Far

Before going into the significant and unfortunate downside, I should add that the battery life is exceptional, but I tend to play wired regardless. The cable provided is long enough to never have to worry about it, whilst also minimising latency.

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Nacon’s Revolution 5 Pro is so close to being the best controller on the market. Everything about this controller from its accessories, to the triggers, the sticks, the feel, and even the carrying case feels premium, save for one key component.

Unfortunately the Revolution Pro 5 is missing not only haptic feedback, but also the adaptive triggers on the PS5. Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers were a selling point for the PS5, something that sets it apart from other systems.

Lacking vibration functionality all together is really quite a significant and unfortunate missing piece. Vibration is available with PS4 games, and on PC, but it is simply not there on PS5.

Multiplayer Focused

Missing that defining PS5 feature might be a deal breaker for single player focused gamers, and understandably so. However, this type of controller is best suited for multiplayer games, and that’s the main reason I would buy one.

Nacon’s Revolution 5 Pro comes with a hefty price tag of $199.90. For what I need from a controller, it certainly justifies its price tag, but for those looking for a complete feature set, might be better off with the DualSense Edge. However, the Hall sensor functionality makes it an easy sell for me. A key component that the DualSense is missing.

As someone who turns vibration functionality off for most competitive games, the pros certainly outweigh the cons. It’s not just a premium piece of kit, it is very adaptable, making it viable for all types of multiplayer games. I would recommend immediately switching out the d-pad, though.

Given the array of customisation options, accessories, and especially not having to worry about stick drift, this controller is still a must have for the predominately multiplayer focused player, or those just looking for an edge in the competitive landscape.

The Nacon Revolution 5 Pro controller for PS5 is available now.



The Final Word

Despite lacking key features in both haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers, Nacon's Revolution 5 Pro might still be the controller for you. Boasting impressive Hall sensor technology in the triggers, and the sticks to prevent stick drift, an impressive amount of accessories and customisation options, the Revolution 5 Pro is still one of the best controllers on the market for multiplayer focused gamers.