Super Stardust HD Review

For months on end PlayStation 3 fans had to hear their 360-following friends tell them about how great and addicting Geometry Wars Evolved is for their Xbox 360. That has now ended. No longer will the PlayStation nation have to endure that taunt as the PSN has launched a rival analog-shooting addiction, Super Stardust HD.

A lot of similarities can be made between Super Stardust HD and Geometry Wars; however, the similarities end quickly and soon the users will tell you that there really is no comparison. One of the biggest differences is you are no longer playing on a flat surface but instead a 720 degree interface. SS:HD brings you an incredible world of vibrant galaxies filled with mesmerizing colors and explosions that no other downloadable arcade experience can bring you across any of the consoles currently available.

There are very few modes available for this smash-hit arcade title which includes Arcade, Planet Mode, and Co-Op. We plan on bringing you the dirt on each of these modes for you to better make a decision on purchasing what is unarguably the must own title for the PlayStation Network of games.

In Arcade mode you’re placed on a 3-dimensional planet of your choice; however to gain access to all planets you must unlock them by defeating each planet one by one. The planet you can start off with right away on Arcade Mode is Lave. Here you must orbit around the planet’s atmosphere destroying the comets and meteorites alike. What is your duty, you may ask? To eradicate this planet of all threats including small like mines that swarm towards you from all directions trying to impede and end your mission of dominating that planet.

Planet Mode plays very similar to the Arcade Mode, with the only difference being that the purpose is to play just a single planet in order to achieve high scores and things of that nature.

Co-op mode allows for you and a friend to play SS:HD together; unfortunately because this takes place on one screen, it heavily decreases your mobility. Though this mode is enjoyable with a friend, the true pull of this game is featured through its single-player capabilities.

You won’t be armed with some sticks and stones to take down these galactic rock forms, oh no, you’ll have at your disposal a decently-sized range of weapons at your side, including bombs. Unlike the similar title from that rival arcade, SS:HD allows you to rotate through your weapons in order to utilize the one you feel is most efficient for the obstacles at hand. The weapons at hand for Lave revolve around a Gold Melter for golden meteorites, an Ice Splitter for those frozen rocks of pending doom, and the Rock Crusher, which will destroy the basic rock form. If you find yourself being overwhelmed by the enemy, don’t fret, just let go a massive bomb explosion that covers the entire side of the planet you happen to be flying around.

While playing, you’ll notice green luminescent rocks flying around. The object is to destroy these so you can further upgrade the power of your arsenal. They will increase not only your firing rate but your size as well. Some of the upgrades can push your weapon high enough to obtain dual or even triple shooting from your shuttle ship.

The control scheme is very well done. You’ll use your R1/L1 triggers to rotate through your weapon selections, L2 to use boosters, and R2 to utilize your bombs. The left analog will control the movement of your ship while the right analog controls the firing direction.

Overall, SS:HD is by far one of the most entertaining experiences possible through the PlayStation Network. It is unrivaled and is a must download.



The Final Word

Super Stardust HD is a brilliantly created title that has very little flaws that aren't covered up by all of the positives. You won't find a better game for the price you pay.