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  • How Battlefield 4 can embrace realism and pull the trigger on Call of Duty: Ghosts

    Last week, after noticing their sudden availability, I snagged a PlayStation 4 Battlefield 4 launch bundle on Amazon. Considering the $499.99 price tag, I’m either a Battlefield-fanatic or a moron. More likely, I’m both. Around the same time, after confirming my affinity for the destruc...

  • Why the Battlefield 4 reveal is a disappointment

    In case you somehow missed it, EA unveiled Battlefield 4 with a new 17 minute trailer showcasing the game. The game is announced for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC (OMG I mentioned Xbox, go mad in the comments) but not PS4, which was unexpected. However, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen didn't get the 'don't confirm Ba...

  • 5 ways that Battlefield 4 can blow away the BF3 blues

    It seems a long way off until Battlefield 4’s beta phase, scheduled for Fall 2013, but we're already intrigued to find out whether Electronic Arts will take the series in a new direction, or play it totally safe and develop a game that would be more fitting for a 3.5 update. We’re hopin...

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