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  • New Dark Sector Interview, plus exclusive screens

    With Dark Sector due out on March 25, PSU thought we'd get some quick last minute details on the title. Our interview reveals new information such as the evolution of Hayden's character and abilities, the use of PS3 achievements, and confirmation of Dark Sector as a trilogy. The interview was co...

  • Dark Sector Developer Interview

    With the announcement of DualShock 3 at this year's Tokyo Game Show, PSU wanted to get an inside scoop from developers and find out how they are implementing it. Here in our interview with Sheldon Carter, Producer at Digital Extremes we get exclusive details on the new Dualshock 3 rumble and how...

  • Dark Sector Hands On

    Coming straight out of Santa Monica from D3Publisher's pre-E3 event, PSU had the pleasurable chance to sit down and get hands on time with one of the best looking 3rd person shooters of this generation, Dark Sector.   Perhaps to start, a little background information can be given about the ti...

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