Dark Sector chapter one prologue gameplay

G4TV has released video footage of the entire playthrough of the first chapter for Dark Sector.  Set in a Soviet state named Lasria, Hayden Tenno is expected to assassinate a fellow spy named Viktor.  Alongside this, he is given the task of setting C4 explosives throughout the factory to bring it crumbling to the ground.  On his arrival, Hayden attempts to pull out but his superiors push him forward.  Perhaps Hayden’s decision to pull out would have been wiser as this leads to his infection.

The video displayed below was more than likely captured before the update that was released for this upcoming action adventure title.  If you happen to notice a bit of twitchiness or clunkiness to the gameplay, don’t fret, we can guarantee that the patch corrected all of it into a fluid experience.  Without further blabber, here is the video for you to enjoy.

While the world may look dim and colorless, we can also assure you that the world comes to life the moment after Hayden’s infection.  You can expect to check back here at 12:01 AM EST on March 25 for our full review of the title as we’ll be bringing it to you the moment the embargo passes.