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Dark Sector
Sub Genre:
Third Person
Release Date (US):
March 25th, 2008
Release Date (UK):
April 4th, 2008
Online Players:
Digital Extremes
D3 Publisher
M [Mature]
PSU Rank:
47 of 1166 Games
PSU Rank on PS3:
45 of 0 Games
Additional Information:
Also available on Xbox 360

About Dark Sector

The game's main character is a man named Hayden Tenno, a morally ambivalent clean-up man employed by the CIA. He suffers from a real-life disease that doesn't allow him to feel pain. On a mission in a fictional former eastern bloc nation, he is exposed to a biological compound which mutates him, dramatically changing his right arm, and giving him the ability to spontaneously grow a three-bladed throwable weapon called a glaive.



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Dark Sector adds a nice element of play to the current market of third-person shooters that are becoming stale with repetitive gunplay. The glaive is a great addition into the genre and will help keep things interesting throughout your playing experience.

We like

  • Glaive is solid
  • Fantastic Visuals
  • Solid voice acting

We dislike

  • Slight visual tearing
  • Enemy AI is skitzy

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“It’s time for heads to roll.” Digital Extremes’ latest title, Dark Sector, which is being published by D3 Publisher, decided to take that quote and make it literal. Their new sci-fi, action packed, third-person shooter seems to do everything right and very little wrong. From the look and feel of the game to the emotion behind each character’s voice, Dark Sector is something to be revered and enjo...

Dark Sector News

  • Dark Sector to see light of day in Australia

    Extolled action/horror outing Dark Sector will finally be receiving an Australian release this year following a series of cuts that have allowed the game to be awarded an MA15+ rating. The PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 epic by D3 Publisher was previously refused rating in the territory by Australia&rsqu...

  • Dark Sector chapter one prologue gameplay

    G4TV has released video footage of the entire playthrough of the first chapter for Dark Sector.  Set in a Soviet state named Lasria, Hayden Tenno is expected to assassinate a fellow spy named Viktor.  Alongside this, he is given the task of setting C4 explosives throughout the factory to b...

  • Dark Sector's weapons revealed

    Over at, they've been covering Dark Sector extensively with their special access to the game’s material. Today they went ahead and covered the entire list of Dark Sector’s 12 weapons. Besides their distinctive looks, each weapon packs individual techniques that ma...

  • Dark Sector goes gold

    Before writing this article, we thought of all the puns we could use comparing the main character Hayden's metallic arm to Dark Sector going gold. Obviously, we didn't come up with much...damn insomnia. Regardless, the title has indeed gone gold. This sci-fi gone gritty Eastern Europe shooter wa...

  • Dark Sector pushed back to April in Europe

    D3Publisher has revealed that the European release of upcoming science fiction title, Dark Sector, has been pushed back to an unspecified time in April. The game was originally scheduled to appear in late March, though according to Eurogamer, D3Publisher is now planning on releasing the title some...

  • Dark Sector's online features and differences

    We've been a heavy supplier of Dark Sector news over the last couple of months as we have high expectations for this upcoming title from D3 Publisher, unfortunately it seems as though our online portion of the game may have some slight differences to that of the 360s.  According to a press rele...

  • Dev admits problems with PS3 version of Dark Sector

    Digital Extremes has admitted to encountering some substantial issues when developing the PlayStation 3 version of its forthcoming title Dark Sector, stating that the game was not “running as well as the [Xbox] 360” version. Speaking during a demonstration of the game, Producer Josh ...

  • New Dark Sector trailer released

    One of the more anticipated titles of 2008 for the PlayStation 3 console is Dark Sector.  D3Publisher has released a new trailer which is action packed with gameplay and adrenaline.  From what we can see, the game is looking phenomenal and has certainly further peaked our interest. The tr...

  • Dark Sector deemed too violent for Australia

    Australia’s classification board, the OFLC, has refused to issue Digital Extreme’s forthcoming action title Dark Sector with a rating in the country due to the game’s excessive violent content. According to reports, the ratings board has deemed the title unsuitable for consumer...

  • Dark Sector demo coming this fall

    During the Games Convention 2007 in Leipzig, Digital Extremes and D3 Publisher confirmed that a Dark Sector demo was on the way, ready to hit Xbox Live and PlayStation Network this October or early November. If the demo is the same as the one shown at E3 you can read's preview of it here. ...

Dark Sector Features

  • New Dark Sector Interview, plus exclusive screens

    With Dark Sector due out on March 25, PSU thought we'd get some quick last minute details on the title. Our interview reveals new information such as the evolution of Hayden's character and abilities, the use of PS3 achievements, and confirmation of Dark Sector as a trilogy. The interview was co...

  • Dark Sector Developer Interview

    With the announcement of DualShock 3 at this year's Tokyo Game Show, PSU wanted to get an inside scoop from developers and find out how they are implementing it. Here in our interview with Sheldon Carter, Producer at Digital Extremes we get exclusive details on the new Dualshock 3 rumble and how...

  • Dark Sector Hands On

    Coming straight out of Santa Monica from D3Publisher's pre-E3 event, PSU had the pleasurable chance to sit down and get hands on time with one of the best looking 3rd person shooters of this generation, Dark Sector.   Perhaps to start, a little background information can be given about the ti...

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