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October 9th, 2007
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October 12th, 2007
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Game Republic
T [Teen]
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65 of 1166 Games
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62 of 0 Games
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Only on PS3

About Folklore

An action/adventure game by Kouji Okada (the father of the Shin Megami Tensei series) that takes you through seven mysterious and yet Earth-like worlds. The game features two main characters. Ellen, a troubled young woman searching for answers to her past, receives a letter from her mom: a person who died when she was a child. The letter says "I want to meet you," and suggests that Ellen go to the town of Doolin. There, she meets Keats, a journalist who handles the occult corner of a magazine. He receives a phone call from an unknown girl asking for help. When he gets to Doolin, he finds that the girl has already been killed, and decides to start up an investigation.



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Folklore delves players into a world where the living meet the dead. Through its fantastic art direction and amazing storyline, Folklore entices the player to journey through the Netherworld in search of the answers to their mystery and leads them on an unforgettable ride into something truly reminiscent of a Hiyao Miyazaki film.

We like

  • Amazing art direction
  • Brilliant, poetic style
  • Undeniably tasty execution

We dislike

  • Limited dungeon editor

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The connection between the Netherworld and the current world was lost many ages ago, but as you step across a suspicious crime scene where murder is in the air, you discover that the world of the Folks isn’t what it always was. With each step, comes a newer piece of the puzzle through the form of lands and different characters that are unlike any other. Each step leads you further and further into the magical world of Fo...



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Folklore News

  • Final Folklore downloadable content coming

    The downloadable content has sadly come to an end. After months of offering regular content to add to the experience, Pack #5 and #6 will be the final two made available. Pack #5 coined as “Nightmares,” will allow you to wake Charlotte from a deep sleep, continue the original story a...

  • Quasarilli creator talks about accomplishment

    It’s not every day your average video game fan gets to watch one of his fan drawings come to life. A while ago PlayStation Underground ran a contest for their members to design a new Folk for their sensational title, Folklore. They received a ton of entries and narrowed it down to a new quirky...

  • Folklore gets more downloadable content

    After a very generous (and most importantly free) Folklore holiday add-on pack last month, the developers behind this PS3 exclusive are not taking any time off to release the next batch of downloadable content for the game. Game Republic has released the details on the two newest add-on packs av...

  • New Folklore Add-On Pack Coming

    Eric Fong, associate editor for the PS3 exclusive Folklore, announced today that new downloadable packs for Folklore will be available later this month. The PLAYSTATION Network will be host to the new downloadable add-on packs – each to include a new costume for either Ellen OR Keats, a comple...

  • Winner of Folklore character contest announced

    Today the development team at Game Republic announced the winner of the Folklore Create-a-Character Contest naming Lisa K. the champion. Here is her winning design named Quasarilli: Sony ended with comments to people who missed the submit date or didn't win. "If you didn't enter th...

  • Folklore Character Design Contest

    Sony is holding a contest for people to design their own character for the fantasy RPG title Folklore. Entries will be judged by a panel from Japan’s Game Republic studios which will include Okamoto-San, executive producer for Onimusha, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, and now Folklore. The r...

  • Folklore boxart revealed

    Today, Sony revealed the final box art for Folklore for North America. Folklore is an action/adventure game from the mastermind, Kouji Okada well known for his Shin Megami Tensei series. The fantasy takes you through seven mysterious and Earth-like worlds. The game primarily features two main ...

  • Amazon UK cancels Lair/Folklore pre-orders

    Recently, PSU reported that online retailer was offering the PlayStation 3 titles LAIR and Folklore for the reduced price of GBP 14.99 each. Very impressive prices for the featured dragon action adventure and majestic journey through a fantasy world in Folklore, the two games skyroc...

  • Lair and Folklore take top spots on Amazon UK

    Lair and Folklore are selling like hotcakes over at Amazon UK, taking the number one and two spots respectively on the Amazon UK Video Game charts. They are each discounted to an insanely low £14.95 as part of some fantastic promotion. You can pick them both up for cheaper than another new sin...

  • Sony confirms Folklore title for PSP

    Sony Computer Entertainment has confirmed development of a PlayStation Portable iteration of monster-collection title Folklore, currently being helmed by Shin Megami Tensei creator, Kouji Okada. Details were revealed this week following earlier reports of Okada’s involvement on the PlaySta...

Folklore Features

  • PSU Interview: Folklore Producer

    Developed by Game Republic, Folklore is one of the most anticipated RPG's for the PlayStation 3. Due to hit stores this October, PSU conducted an interview with Eric Fong, one of the lead producers on Folklore and interviewed him on some of the unique features behind the game. PSU: To remind our ...

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