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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale News

  • Polygon Man confirmed as final boss in PlayStation All-Stars latest trailer

    The latest trailer for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale showcases the opening cinematic for the game, featuring all 20 characters fighting their respective rivals. A surprise appearance at the end confirms that the mastermind behind the tournament and PlayStation All-Stars' final boss is Polygon...

  • PlayStation All-Stars on PS Vita will be a 'frame-perfect, seamless experience'

    Bluepoint Games has an impressive pedigree on PlayStation 3. The Austin, TX-based studio has developed some of the most highly-regarded remastered collections (including God of War and Metal Gear Solid). Now, the team has its sights set on producing a pitch-perfect port of PlayStation All-Stars Batt...

  • E3 2012: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale PS Vita images

    Sony’s dropped off a boatload of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale screenshots for your viewing pleasure, taken from the recently-announced PlayStation Vita version of the brawler. Have a butcher’s at a couple of shots below, then punch and kick (“It’s all in the mind!&r...

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