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  • [UPDATE]Silent Hill: Origins, Shattered Memories hit EU PlayStation Store today

    UPDATE: Konami has clarified that both titles are available for PlayStation Portable only, and are not compatible with PlayStation Vita. ORIGINAL STORY: Konami has released Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Origins, two quality (though somewhat divisive) series entries, on the EU...

  • Silent Hill Origins finally confirmed for PS2

    After months of speculation, Konami has finally confirmed that it is bringing the PlayStation Portable title, Silent Hill Origins, to Sony’s PlayStation 2 console some time in 2008. Although a release date wasn’t specified, the company did reveal it plans to make some alterations to t...

  • Retailers list Silent Hill: Origins for PS2 release

    A number of popular online retail sites have listed the survival horror title Silent Hill Origins for release on PlayStation 2, claiming the game will be available for purchase on Sony's last-generation console in March 2008. Both Amazon and Gamefly have the Mature (M) rated game listed on their ...

  • Climax refuses to comment on Silent Hill Origins port

    The developers behind the PlayStation Portable title Silent Hill Origins have refused to confirm or deny speculation that they are planning on porting the game to PlayStation 2. Rumours of a PS2 port originated following the appearance of a fact sheet allegedly detailing that Climax had been task...

  • Silent Hill Origins demo leaked online

    A playable demo of Konami’s forthcoming PlayStation Portable exclusive Silent Hill Origins has leaked across the Internet this week, with a number of BitTorrent sites reportedly allowing users to download the title. British developer Climax asserts, however, that the leak did not originate...

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