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  • PSU Podcast - Insight into the competitive world of fighting games

    PlayStation Universe sits down with Mike Daniels, CEO of Ralston Arcade, the largest streaming service for competitive fighting game events in the Canadian Maritimes. In this in-depth interview we discuss the competitive scene in the Maritimes, strategies for improving the community, how to attrac...

  • We're in a fighting game renaissance, but how does the future look?

    As a big fighting game fan since childhood, I grew up in the arcades and struggled for victories in Street Fighter, SNK, and especially Marvel vs. Capcom. But after the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 in 2000, I noticed a huge decline in subsequent releases. In fact, it seemed as if fighting games ha...

  • Game[s] of the Month: February 2009

    January’s Game of the Month was an easy decision for us; Skate 2 dominated its competition (or lack thereof). Unfortunately, February wasn’t so clear, as two incredible (and incredibly different) games released last month. We’re talking about Street Fighter IV and Killzone 2. Both ...

  • [WINNERS] PSU's Ultimate Street Fighter IV Giveaway

    Well, let me just say that the turnout for this contest was absolutely astronomical and we never expected to see this many entries. This has been far and wide the most successul contest we've ran thus far and we are going to try our best to bring more contests to you of this magnitude as the years g...

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