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PlayStation Home
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Release Date (US):
December 11th, 2008
Release Date (UK):
December 11th, 2008
Online Players:
SCE Studios London
E [Everyone]
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5 of 1166 Games
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1 of 0 Games
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Only on PSN

About Home

A fully realized 3D world in which PlayStation gamers can meet up and hang out with friends in public and private areas. You will be able to create your own character and customize everything from his/her clothes to your very own crib. Currently PlayStation Home is going through a Closed Beta with Open Beta this July and the full release in October.



Door Codes for the Uncharted Room:

Unlock the door downstairs - 1024, then 1577 383
Unlock the door upstairs on the left - 41675
Unlock the door upstairs on the right - 24312


Home News

  • Indie horror game Home announced for PS4, PS Vita

    Independent game developer Benjamin Rivers today announced on the PlayStation Blog that his indie horror game brainchild, Home, will be creeping its way to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita later this year. "Part of Home’s charm is that it’s entirely dependent on the player,&quo...

  • Trophy support coming to PlayStation Home

    Sony has confirmed that a new update for PlayStation Home will incorporate Trophy support. “PlayStation Home v1.86 coming on Weds 12 March, introduces Trophies! *ping*,” wrote community boss, Chris Owen, on Twitter (via EuroGamer). PlayStation Home is the brainchild of former Sony ...

  • PlayStation Home updates stopping in Japan from September

    Sony has announced that it will be ceasing PlayStation Home updates in Japan from September. In addition, the platform holder revealed that PS Home updates to Asian territories will stop in March of next year. According to Kotaku however, PS Home updates for the U.S. and European market will c...

  • Halloween festivities haunt PlayStation Home

    PlayStation Home will be decked out in spooky decorations for this year's Halloween celebration starting on Oct. 24. Besides just looking the part for the holiday, the Adventure District will be home to Chuck's bar. This demonic bartender will send you on a scavenger hunt to find ingredients for...

  • 'Lack of stability for employees' is one of gaming's biggest problems, says PS Home dev

    Recent layoffs and closures in the gaming industry have made the dark realities of game development more apparent than ever. If you don't have a project in the pipeline, or if your publisher can't justify the overhead to keep your studio running, you're out of a job. In fact, hundreds of your collea...

  • PlayStation Home update 1.65 released

    Sony’s rolled out update 1.65 for PlayStation Home, which incorporates a host of improvements related to speed, menu navigation, graphical UI tweaks and more. See below for the full skinny, courtesy of the EU PlayStation Blog. Menu Screen The new Menu Screen replaces the old Menu Pad....

  • Sony unveils 3 new PlayStation Home games

    Sony has lifted the wraps off three new titles for PlayStation Home, the first of which is now available to download in the U.S. in the shape of Cutthroats: Battle for Black Powder Cove. Next up is No Man’s Land, a post-apocalyptic blast-‘em-up described as “arguably PlayStation...

  • Red Bull bringing House of Skate to PlayStation Home

    There’s a bevy of Red Bull themed games and items already alive and kicking—no thanks to real caffeine—in Sony’s online virtual network, and from what we’ve heard, they’re pretty decent. So it doesn’t hurt to say that Red Bull is yet again bringing a new twi...

  • Sony invites you Home for the holidays with this funny video

    “Who knew Snowbear and Snowman had such a troubled past?” Sony is showing off a new update to PlayStation Home via the EU PS Blog, bringing the holiday spirit to everyone’s favorite PlayStation 3 virtual social network. The video posted below pits a snowman against a “snow ...

  • PlayStation Home update 1.60 coming this Thursday

    A new patch for PlayStation Home is inbound this week, and will bring with it new functionality, fixes, and updates to Sony’s virtual social network. Coming this Thursday, the update will double the limit of items and furniture you can place in your personal space. Sony has also posted a new ...

Home Features

  • Going Home: Is Sony's social experiment fit for PlayStation 4?

    Home is a loaded word. When you think of home, you think of familiarity. It should be some place of comfort, somewhere you want to go back to. It shouldn't feel like a glorified billboard. The latter is the case with Sony's heavily tauted but oft-forgotten feature, PlayStation Home, leading to a sou...

  • PS Home's Doctor Who content does the series no justice

    Doctor Who landed on PlayStation Home this week, and unfortunately for fans of the Time Lord, it's quite possibly worst thing to happen to the franchise since the Daleks were recreated as Power Ranger portaloos. In celebration of the Doctor's 50th birthday, PS Home users now have access to a ...

  • 3 entertaining things to do in PlayStation Home during the PSN outage

    We understand PSN is being fixed and access to the PlayStation Store and account management should be restored shortly, but while you’re waiting it’s a good time to revisit PlayStation Home if you haven’t delved into the virtual world for a while. Here are 3 things that are wort...

  • The Future of PlayStation Home

    [Editor’s Note: The following article comes from user Jamie Stephens (Galvanise_). Jamie is 22 and comes from England. He’s an avid gamer, and as you’ll see from his article below, he knows a lot about PlayStation Home. We encourage all of our users to pitch us story ideas for t...

  • The Ghosts of PlayStation Home Present

    Every day that goes by we draw closer to Christmas. Last time I took you back to the beginnings of PlayStation Home. If you missed my debut, you can catch up with us here. This time I’ll present you with the gifts of PlayStation Home present. Part Two: PlayStation Home present By Jamie St...

  • The Ghosts of PlayStation Home's Past

    [Editor’s Note: The following article comes from user Jamie Stephens (Galvanise_). Jamie is 22 and comes from England. He’s an avid gamer, and as you’ll see from his article below, he knows a lot about PlayStation Home. We encourage all of our users to pitch us story ideas for the ...

  • When Politics, Technology, and Virtual Worlds collide

    It's hard to imagine life without high speed Internet, text messaging, or gaming consoles — technology is everywhere. Except a few places. Take politics, for example. Most of us think of politicians as old, gray-haired men in dark suits — the last people you'd expect to see embracing ...

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