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A technically unsound yet utterly addictive action RPG.

We like

  • The loot-littered and totally humongous game world
  • The wide range of enemies to fight against
  • The rewarding and addictive leveling system

We dislike

  • The monotonous traveling between locations
  • The inconsistency of enemy A.I.
  • The steep learning curve

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(continued from previous page) ...hit the higher levels that combat becomes a more enjoyable experience.

Despite Sacred 2 having many of the required elements that we’d expect from any good action RPG, it can be a lonely and monotonous experience when playing in single-player mode. In the early stages when you don’t have access to mounts, walking across the huge map can be a real chore despite the impressively rendered locations. Fighting monsters in two player off-line co-op mode or with four players online is far more rewarding; it’s always nice to share some of the loot and help each other to level up. Sacred 2 is a game that benefits enormously from the inclusion of multiplayer.

Furthermore, the bugs and glitches that have reportedly plagued the PC and Xbox 360 titles don’t seem to be as big an issue in the PS3 version. Though we haven’t compared the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions ourselves, the publisher even tells us that Sacred 2 on PS3 is the superior looking game. Though still technically unsound in places, if you are thinking of picking up Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, then it’s the PS3 version that will do the game the most justice.


Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is rough around the edges, but it’s still an extremely addictive action RPG. In a genre where console gamers currently have a limited choice, it’s a solid entry to the PS3’s software library. Be warned before you do rush out and get it, though: Sacred 2 is a game for hack ‘n slash, dungeon-crawling enthusiasts only. Others may tire very quickly of doing the same actions over and over again and find that the steep learning curve is a little too much to bear. Ultimately, while the overall Sacred 2 experience may not always be flawless, the good certainly outweighs the bad.

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