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Supremacy MMA Unleashed

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Climb into this portable cage and execute complex takedowns on your opponent.

We like

  • Fun gameplay, when it works
  • Sweet takedown system

We dislike

  • Inconsistent controls
  • Lackluster graphics
  • Lag issues

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(continued from previous page) ...So, if you pick this game up, find a friend that will join you. This game does support ad-hoc competitive play as well.

All of the characters in the game have a brief story to live out in campaign mode, and most of them are about people who are more down on their luck than anyone in the world. So bad in fact that some of the scenarios feel a bit forced and not authentic. Still, it's initially dramatic, and it gives players a reason to see through each player's five matches.

I have to say, even though my expectations weren't high going into this game, I am still disappointed. When the controls worked and my reaction times were faster than Neo in the Matrix, the game feels great. I'm always a respectable fan when it comes to games with high cost, high reward schemes, but the cost in this game is too high and the reward doesn't compensate. On top of that, having inconsistent standards in the varied gameplay bring this game down a few notches. Man, those few times where I countered and parried and blocked fluidly in succession made me feel like a champ, but it infrequently worked and the rest of the time was me swearing at my PS Vita for not making my response times fast enough. I wouldn't mind seeing if 505 takes another stab at this game, taking feedback from fans and seeing what it could do to improve the experience. This game has a few glimmers of hope, but it needs a proper chassis before this becomes a good car, so to speak.


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