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Amidst the slight collection of oddities in the Fall of Cybertron, the experience gives newcomers and fans a gripping experience.

We like

  • Smooth, authentic Transformers experience
  • Crisp, customizable multiplayer
  • Great inspirations for gameplay mechanics

We dislike

  • Voice acting initially inconsistent
  • Some performance hiccups
  • Some overall delivery oddities

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(continued from previous page) ...the opposite faction, though the game doesn’t make a point to explain or highlight it.

I promise that the shortcomings I mentioned above don’t take away from the game experience. Avid fans of the Transformers series will fall in love with the experience portrayed in the Fall of Cybertron as the final moments on Cybertron play out in a glorious collection of closing combat sequences and the inevitable fight between Optimus and Megatro. The narrative cleans itself up and intensifies as the climax to the game nears, varying the gameplay experience in many, many ways. Chapters are designed around the transformers that play within them, so the strengths of each are featured in all their glory, especially in regards to Grimlock. His two forms counteract each other incredibly well, going from a defensive sword-and-shield robot form to the tyrannosaurus form that excels at crowd controlling waves of Insecticons.

Apart from the quick, epic feeling I had from the story’s finality, the multiplayer modes proves to hold their own, which consists of the traditional competitive multiplayer modes like Team Deathmatch; Conquest, where players control nodes on the map to accumulate points; Capture the Flag; and Head Hunter, where the goal is to collect sparks that drop from enemy corpses. The leveling system works similarly to the system used in the Battlefield series, where players choose between four different character types that each do different things. Infiltrators use a stealth cloak to flank enemies, Destroyers use heavy weapons and shields to fight enemies head-on, Titans use a whirlwind ability to control enemies on the field, and Scientists help keep fellow players alive. The sheer customizability of each transformer is staggering. From face plates to the color of each component, each autobot and decepticon can look distinguished and definitive to any other creation in the game.

The Escalation mode is a formidable mode as well. Though it’s of similar workings to every other Horde-inspired mode, it’s incredibly smooth and lag-free. The same goes for the base multiplayer experience as well. Even when I was streaming Netflix and on a call with some friends on Skype, I only experienced two instances of internet lag, and that was right when I started each new application in my apartment. Online modes felt as smooth as the single player experience did, and these modes accentuate the entire package very well.

The Fall of Cybertron isn’t without its issues, but it’s filled with great moments and enthralling experiences worthy of any Transformer fan and anyone wanting to explore the origins of the Transformers. Believe me, after first seeing the Wikipedia-like experience from the Transformer movies, the Fall of Cybertron brought me around and inspired me to research the true lore to the series. Take it from someone who formerly disregarded Transformers: The Fall of Cybertron brings the best that the universe has to offer, and playing with autobot and decepticon friends feels right, so roll out and grab a copy.

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