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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
Role Playing Game
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February 11th, 2014
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February 14th, 2014
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Lighting Returns takes to the end of the world with vivacity and conviction, reshaping the way that RPGs can and should be in many great ways. Even if the game engine is well past its prime and the voice acting is weak at times, the overall package is an entanglement of nostalgia and intrigue for fans of Final Fantasy XIII and the RPG genre.

We like

  • Large zones are almost open-world.
  • Strong conclusion to series.
  • Innovative questing and combat systems.

We dislike

  • Somewhat dry voice acting at times.
  • Game engine still dated.

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Three games have been released within five years of each other that span the Final Fantasy XIII realm, and Lightning Returns has its sights set on ending the series outright. Since the general views on the series have been so polarized, the close of this story arch could be either good or bad. Regardless, Lightning Returns makes choices that differ how the game plays from the previous installments in a substantial way, and man...

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII News

  • Lightning battles Snow in new Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII trailer

    Square Enix released a new trailer for the upcoming finale to Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning Returns, showcasing a battle between Snow and Lightning. The intense battle between the two former comrades shows off the latest iteration of FF XIII's battle system. The video also features a blast from...

  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Collector's Edition announced, pack full of cool extras

    Square Enix announced a Collector's Edition of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be available in North America at launch. It will be available exclusively on the Square Enix online store for $89.99 and is available for pre-order now. What does the extra $30 get you? First, there's the coll...

  • Lightning Returns will receive Japanese voice track as DLC

    Square Enix revealed that the upcoming title Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will have the Japanese voice track as downloadable content, a first in the Final Fantasy franchise. The Japanese audio DLC will be free for the first two weeks following the game's release. After that time period, it...

  • Watch 12 minutes of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is releasing tomorrow in the Japanese market, and to celebrate the releasee, Square Enix has released a 12-minute gameplay video showcasing the game's unique features. Throughout the video, we witness the game's vast, open areas, full of monsters to combat and ...

  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 will take at least 50 hours to finish

    Yuji Abe, Game Director on the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, has revealed that the JRPG sequel will offer at least 50 hours of gameplay. Chatting with IGN, Abe-san also shed some light on the game’s clock system, as heroine Lightning has just 13 days to save the world from...

  • Lightning Returns intro sequence unveiled, watch it here

    Square Enix has unleashed the official intro cinematic for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Check it out below.   Lightning Returns is the final entry in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, which began with the original FFXIII (2010) and was followed by Final Fantasy XIII-2 (2012). The ...

  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII hands-on gameplay

    Hot off the Tokyo Game Show presses, our men-on-the-floor Dane Smith and Daniel Chang bring you hands-on gameplay of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. In this third installment of the Final Fantasy XIII, fan-favorite heroine Lightning works against time to save the world. Real-time, action-ori...

  • New Lightning Returns, Final Fantasy X/X-2 trailers emerge from TGS

    Square Enix has released new trailers for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD for your viewing pleasure. Both trailers come via the Tokyo Game Show this week. Check them out below. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is scheduled to arrive on PlayStation 3 an...

  • Go behind-the-scenes at Square Enix in Lightning Returns dev diary

    A new behind-the-scenes video from the development team behind Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII offers a rare glimpse inside Square offices and the storied studio's development process. Of course, the team working on the third game in this crystalline saga isn't necessarily the same team behin...

  • Square unveils new Lightning Returns costumes

    Japanese publisher Square Enix has unveiled two all-new costumes for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. First up is the Vajra Bodhisattva costume, which comes equipped with the Treasury Palace weapon and Warrior’s Return shield. These can be snapped up exclusively with pre-orders at HMV...

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Features

  • TGS 2013 - Best RPG Award: Lightning Returns

        It's Japan, so there were obviously going to be a lot of RPGs at this event; those meant for the western market and otherwise. The Final Fantasy XIII series in particular is very polarizing in the west. There is very little middle ground --people either enjoy the series or hate it....

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