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Dead Space 3

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Dead Space 3 falls short of Visceral Games' ambitions, offering a sequel that is mildly fun but sadly bogged down by numerous flaws.

We like

  • Weapons crafting
  • Co-op play
  • Last several chapters are a real highlight

We dislike

  • Uninspiring story
  • Numerous glitches
  • Identity crisis

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(continued from previous page) ...actually got caught on a rock jutting on the side, thus preventing me from reaching the top and forcing me to reload my save. More than once, enemies did not have different animations and would actually be synchronized. Occurrences like these that made for some jarring moments.

One of Dead Space 3’s biggest strengths comes from the newly added weapon crafting. Players can customize many aspects of the two weapons they are allowed to carry during the game. You start with a frame that may allow you to have one or two different guns called “Tools” on the weapon. Each of the Upper and Lower Tools has its own tip that affects rate of fire, power, accuracy, range, spread, and the type of projectiles. Similarly, you select perks called “Circuits” for each Tool that adjust some of the same factors as the tips and different ones as well. All the components to construct weapons are found throughout the game. This time around, Isaac Clarke has Scavenger Bots that can find parts to make some weapon components, other items (Med Packs, Stasis Modules, etc.), and upgrades to your suit. A lot of Dead Space 3’s fun came from experimenting with all the dozens of combinations and how they influenced combat. From floating saws and electrifying lasers to burning flames and traditional bullets, the weapon crafting provided a great way for me to cater how I fought and change it whenever combat felt stale.

The other major addition is the drop-in, drop-out cooperative play, which covers the full game and more. The second player takes the role of Sergeant John Carver who has a full backstory of his own and experience throughout the game. Carver mourns the death of his wife and son and experiences dementia during the course of the game. As a result, Carver’s player will see different things and play different experiences than Isaac’s player, adding an additional storyline to the game. The drop-in and drop-out feature is especially useful if you just need someone to help you on a boss or area of enemies. Co-op includes new cutscenes, dialogue, and additional side missions. Visceral clearly thought this mode through and it's a great way to play the game.

Near the end of the game, Isaac Clarke tells John Carver, “Good men mean well. We just don’t always end up doing well.” Ironically, the statement is exactly how I feel about Visceral Games’ work on Dead Space 3. The elements they chose to add were in hopes to attract a larger audience yet in a questionable direction. What’s left is a game that is mildly fun, but filled with flaws.

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