PSU staff gives thoughts on the first wave of PS4 games

(continued from previous page) ...infamous: Second Son, but I think we need to see more, especially new IPs. The third party stuff was a mixed bag. Capcom's new game shows promise and Watch Dogs feels very Assassin's Creed. The Witness looked intriguing and Destiny has pedigree. Square Enix are the losers, showing an old tech demo and then bringing on the Brand Director for Final Fantasy to announce an announcement? Come on.

The new controller looks fantastic. As someone who has no issue with the DS3 apart from the triggers this new controller should appease those who didn't like the old design. The fact that many devs were surprised at the 8GB of RAM says that maybe Sony is taking a gamble which I hope pays off, since GDDR5 RAM isn't cheap."

Will Robinson:
"Of all the Sony conferences that I have seen, this was by far the best. Sony went in with a plan and executed well with no awkward 'Wonderbook moments.' What really has me all hot and bothered in the tech department are the PlayStation 4’s sleep function and the ability to Remote Play any PS4 game on my Vita. The souped-up specs of the system weren't bad to hear either.

My most anticipated games of the show are in order as follows: Destiny, InFamous: Second Son, Watch Dogs, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and whatever the hell Square Enix is actually working on. This leads into the biggest disappointment of the whole show. Square, you should have just stayed home and waited for E3. Don’t slap the loyal fans you have left in the face.

Alex Locher (Ghost-Rhayne):
"Sony fully met my expectations with its PlayStation Meeting earlier this week. The console is a beast, has great games in the works and is brimming with innovative technology and functions. Even before the big unveiling, it was clear to me that Sony had learned from its mistakes this generation when I got my hands on the Vita, which demonstrated functionality that was sorely lacking from the home console. I also expected Sony to repeat the strategy of communicating with developers in order to create an architecture that they could use without the technical hurdles that the CELL gave them.

However, beyond making the system structure more standard, Sony revealed a slew of features that really captivated me. The ability to record and upload gameplay will be something that I will use a lot. The sleep function is fantastic as well; I use this mode on my Vita and I am FULLY behind removing the down time between having the urge to play and getting into the game. Spectator mode revolutionizes what it means to be part of a gaming community and breaks down the barriers that previously stood between me and my gaming friends.

The games shown were simply beautiful. I don't think anyone expected to see so many new titles, but we were treated to Killzone: Shadow Fall, inFamous Second Son and Driveclub among others. All in all Sony is in a powerful position for this coming generation of games."

Now that you've read our thoughts on the first set of PS4 games, how about sharing some of yours? Sound off in the comments below, and stay glued to for the latest news on these games and more in the coming months.


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