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Tales of Graces F
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March 13th, 2012
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August 31st, 2012
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Namco Bandai
T [Teen]
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0 of 1166 Games
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About Tales of Graces F

The popular RPG series by Namco Bandai returns to PlayStation 3 with this port of the Wii hit Tales of Graces. In addition to the full game refreshed for this HD console, PS3 owners can look forward to additional costumes, new story elements and new battle skills.



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A good JRPG that needs more to make it great in the West.

We like

  • Nostalgic to JRPG standard
  • Fluid, immersive combat
  • Title system: phenomenally addictive

We dislike

  • Slow, slow plot
  • Old style graphics
  • Some zones become nunecessary labyrinths

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One thing that the PlayStation 3 lacks, among some other debatable topics, is a vast collection of Japanese role-playing games. The major ones are Final Fantasy XIII and Hyperdimensional (something or other, I can't remember right now) and the single Star Ocean outing. But because of reasons out of our control, Tales of Graces f, being a port, is the first Tales title to land on the PS3 system, whether it be that a translated ...

Tales of Graces F News

  • Tales of Graces f 50% off on Namco Bandai's online store today only

    The Namco Bandai is offering Tales of Graces f for $19.97, half off it's normal price, through the end of today on their website (offer ends 11:59 PM Pacific Time). Shipping is free for orders over $25 on the Namco Bandai online store. Additionally, purchases over $25 can also buy Ni no Kuni for 50...

  • Tales of Graces f coming soon to PSN, Xillia hits PS3 this summer

    Are you a fan of the Tales franchise? If so, you'll be happy to know that Tales of Graces f is coming to the PlayStation Network next week. You can pick up two digital versions of the RPG next week--the standard edition for $34.99 and the Knight Edition, which includes more than 10 DLC items, wi...

  • Tales of Graces f screens showcase accel mode

    Namco Bandai has sprinkled a fresh batch of Tales of Graces f screenshots over the web today, highlighting the game’s accel mode. Have a butcher’s at a teaser shot below and then head over to our Tales of Graces f gallery to view the full bunch. Check out our review of the game here. ...

  • Feast your eyes on this Tales of Graces f PAL box art

    Namco Bandai has unwrapped the official packaging art for the European release of Tales of Graces f for your viewing pleasure. Check it out below. (click for full size) The PlayStation 3 JRPG was originally released in Japan in 2010, before turning up in North America in March of this year. Eu...

  • Tales of Graces f dated for Europe

    Namco Bandai has staple-gunned a European release date of August 31 to upcoming PlayStation 3-exclusive RPG Tales of Graces f. Originally released in Japan in December 2010, Tales of Graces f is an enhanced port of the Wii game Tales of Graces, and comes packed with an array of bonus features for...

  • New Tales game will be a 'Mothership' title

    The next instalment in Namco Bandai’s long-running Tales series will take the form of a ‘Mothership’ title, according to For those unfamiliar with the franchise, this essentially means the new game won’t be a remake ala Tales of Innocence R or a side pro...

  • Tales of Graces f launch trailer

    Namco Bandai has unveiled the official U.S. launch trailer for Tales of Graces f to celebrate the RPG’s release today. Check it out below. Tales of Graces f is a PlayStation 3 port of the original Wii game released back in 2009. In addition to a new epilogue chapter, the game...

  • Tales of Graces F receives release date

    Namco Bandai Games has announced the North American release date for the latest game in the Tales franchise. Tales of Graces f is the first game in the Tales series to be released on PlayStation 3 in North America. The game will feature a more open combat system and a storyline focused around d...

  • Namco announces Tales of Graces F for PS3

    Namco Bandai today announced it will bring Tales of Graces F to North America and Europe. This RPG, with a dynamic real-time battle system, quests, and “hidden secrets” is slated for release on the PlayStation 3 in 2012. The game is the latest in the Tales series and the first in the fr...

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