Warframe PS4 Review: the best F2P title on next-gen consoles

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Warframe brings a new and addicting experience to the PlayStation franchise. Along with great and fluid combat, this is a free-to-play title that will justify microtransactions in a positive way.

We like

  • Great combat
  • Addictive Mod system
  • Great co-op experience

We dislike

  • Heavy on microtransactions
  • Unappealing story
  • Poor explanation of game mechanics

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Characters don't level up themselves, but rather their equipment does. The more players use their weapons, the faster they will rank up. Though most players will be fine using the standard weapons given to them, the game’s difficulty increases at an alarming rate, forcing players to grind their weapons in order to be strong enough to continue on.

One of the most interesting aspects of the game is equipping mods. Mods are used to increase stats and add unique abilities to your equipment. Mods range from increasing melee damage to adding elemental effects to weapons. Each weapon and Warframe have six slots to put mods in, and each mod has a point system as well. As your weapons and Warframes rank up, the more mods you are able to place. Mods can also be upgraded using the fusion system. Fusion cores are dropped by enemies just as Mods are. Mods can also be fused together to create new one knows, but it takes four mods to create a new one, and the pay off may not always be for the better.

Though playing Warframe with four buddies can be fun, learning to play the game is another story. Outside of the game’s first tutorial level which teaches you the basic controls, the game doesn't explain a lot of the other features in the game. For example, it took me almost seven hours of play time to find out that I had the ability the run on walls, and that was only because my objective could only be reached by doing so. Warframe also doesn't teach you how to use the Foundry system or the Mod and Fusion systems, leaving players with a lot of trial and error.

I have also run into a number of freezing issues during my time with Warframe, forcing me to hard reset my PS4. Lag can also be a big problem, the game even warned me to change my routers firewall settings to get the game to run smother, after doing so I noticed no difference in the games performance; granted, the game is still technically in beta.

Though it may seem as if I am criticizing Warframe a little too much, these issues are small and don't hurt the overall enjoyment I had with Warframe. The game’s addictive modding system and fast and furious co-op action continues to entertain. If you are willing to take the time to learn the ins and outs of Warframe and look past the technical issues, Warframe can be the best free game on the PS4 for a long time to come.

I would like to thank Ben Shillabeer-Hall for his contribution and help in the writing of this review. "Thank god for you."


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