Sony E3 2014: PS4 predictions, new game announcements and rumours

  • Posted May 30th, 2014 at 17:08 EDT by PSU Staff

6. Expect a section of Sony’s E3 conference to be taken up by Driveclub with an extended demo to whet our appetites ahead of its October release, just in case you somehow forgot about it.

7. Gran Turismo 7: Prologue will be revealed for PS4. It will be a re-mastered version of Gran Turismo 6 rendered in 1080p. The release window will also be confirmed.

Gran Turismo for PS4 with better visuals and silky smooth frame-rates

8. Sony Santa Monica will showcase a brief look at God of War 4 thanks to a stunning CGI trailer complete with rippling muscles that glisten with sweat and freaks so ugly that they make that disgusting Cyclops beast in God of War Ascension look like an oil painting. We wouldn’t be surprised to hear of PlayStation Now integration with some God of War games too, or even the God of War Ascension PS4 Edition.

9. Killzone creator Guerrilla Games will take to the stage to show a short gameplay demo of a brand new sci-fi themed I.P. This will be an open-world RPG that will include futuristic cowboys, armoured robots and breathtaking landscapes. Guerrilla will also reveal some of the factions that will be at war with each other in the game, as well as unveil some of the features.

10. Sony will view Bungie’s upcoming FPS Destiny as a chance to sell more PS4 consoles. Expect the announcement of an exclusive PlayStation 4 bundle, which will include a Destiny-branded DualShock 4 controller. Though it would be nice to see a price reduction for the PS4, we think it’s unlikely. The Vita on the other hand, well, Sony would be foolish not to cut it.

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