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Why ModNation Racers is only capable on the PS3

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on 17 March 2010

With the recent revelation that ModNation Racers will feature four-player split screen, we wanted to ask the development team if we should expect a lack in frame rates or gameplay lag. As it turns out, the PlayStation 3 hardware will allow for fluid graphics and gameplay during four-player split screen sessions, with only very minor draw delays. But, there are more reasons as to why United Front Games partnered with Sony when it started looking for a publisher for its quirky kart racing game.

One of the biggest advantages to working with Sony is that the PlayStation Network is free and the servers are built in a way that it allows for direct sharing. We recently spoke with Dan Sochan, a producer from United Front Games who is working on ModNation Racers.

“The PS3 hardware is very powerful,” Sochan says. “Since it has a built in hard drive, we know everyone will have it and they can save a lot of content. We created a file system that keeps tracks small (only a couple of kilobytes) and the transfer time is very minimal. We wouldn’t be able to build a community like this on the Xbox Live. Everyone can get involved because the PSN is free, and with Sony’s servers you can do direct sharing.”

Their discussions about ModNation Racers began prior to Sony coining the “Play, Create, Share” idea. Sony was still working with Media Molecule on LittleBigPlanet, and since both games shared the level creation and sharing ideals, it seemed a logical partnership, Sochan explains.

“We wanted to create a racing game that didn’t have to be hindered by reality,” he tells us. “When we looked for a partner to work with, we spoke with Sony. We realized they had the same exact vision as we did.”

Beyond the ideological similarities, Sochan said the PS3 hardware made a lot of sense for a game like ModNation Racers.

We’ll have more on our interview with Dan Sochan. Look for ModNation Racers to hit retailers this May.