3D TV, 3D YouTube coming to PS3, confirms Sony

Sony Worldwide Studios head of 3D games Mick Hocking has spilled the beans on the company’s future plans for 3D integration on PlayStation 3.

Chatting during a recent event in London, Hocking divulged that future updates will see Sony’s flagship console gaining access to several new features, including 3D TV and 3D YouTube compatibility.

“Crucially for us, PlayStation 3 will be able to store all types of 3D content. And we can do this through properly upgrading the Firmware on the platform.”

"So you’ll see 3D games in the next 12 months, you’ll see Blu-ray movies in 3D, and as soon as the broadcasts start through our PlayTV services, you’re going to watch 3D content [via that].

"YouTube will be supporting 3D content over the next 12 months as well – and you’ll be able to watch that on the PlayStation 3. And as you start taking 3D pictures of your family or 3D camcorder movies, you can play those back on PS3, too."

“It’s a great purchase proposition and future proof,” he said.

How do feel, PSU readers? Are you looking forward to 3D and plan to make full use of PS3’s efforts in this department? Or aren’t you fussed about it? Let us know in the comments section below.