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A Plague Tale Requiem Trophy List & Potential Release Date Revealed

We’ve known that A Plague Tale: Requiem is going to release sometime in 2022 for some time now, though we’ve still not yet gotten an official release date.

With the reveal of the trophy list however, website PowerPyx also notes that the PSN Store’s database has a release date set for May 17, 2022, which could very well be the game’s impending launch.

There’s always a chance this date changes before it is actually announced publicly anywhere, but for now, it looks like it could be coming sometime in May.

As previously mentioned, the full trophy list was also revealed, which you can check out for yourself, here.

A Plague Tale: Requiem Trophy List

  • Platinum
    Earn all other trophies
  • Forest
    Complete chapter 1
  • Arena
    Complete chapter 2
  • Prison
    Complete chapter 3
  • Docks
    Complete chapter 4
  • Boat
    Complete chapter 5
  • Quarry
    Complete chapter 6
  • Shore
    Complete chapter 7
  • Port
    Complete chapter 8
  • Sanctuary
    Complete chapter 9
  • Fort
    Complete chapter 10
  • Tomb
    Complete chapter 11
  • Palace
    Complete chapter 12
  • Trial
    Complete chapter 13
  • Sea
    Complete chapter 14
  • Convoy
    Complete chapter 15
  • Crater
    Complete chapter 16
  • Knights!
    Complete all chapters
  • Remembrance
    Recall 11 souvenirs
  • Immortal Memories
    Recall all souvenirs
  • Ornithologist
    Find all feathers
  • Herbalist
    Find all flowers
  • Old Protector
    Interact with all the old protector’s items in Sanctuary
  • Not A Toy Anymore
    Fully upgrade the sling
  • Handful Of Pockets
    Fully upgrade the gear
  • Improved Crossbow
    Fully upgrade the crossbow
  • Effective Instruments
    Fully upgrade the instruments
  • Pocket Laboratory
    Fully upgrade the alchemy
  • Sneaky
    Fully improve the stealth skill
  • Sorcerer
    Fully improve the alchemy skill
  • Fighter
    Fully improve the combat skill
  • Alchemist
    Craft 100 ammunitions
  • Perfect Throw
    Pass all your throws in the minigame of Port
  • Island Secret
    Find the Vambrace on the Island
  • Firefighter
    Extinguish 10 fires
  • Last Chance
    Last chance rat triggered against rats for the very first time

Source – [PowerPyx]

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