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A Racist Child Abuser Invaded Fallout 76 Last Night

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Bethesda has a messaging problem with Fallout 76. The issue is simple: Fallout games are typically single player experiences. Fallout 76 can only be played online with a group of twenty players bouncing around the giant map.

Some single player fans have balked at the idea that they might have to share their beloved Waste with strangers. To assuage players’ fears that they might be thrown into the toxic mire that hides in certain corners of the online gaming community, Bethesda has issued repeated statements that players can play singly, ignoring others if they wish. Just pretend the scary strangers aren’t there, Bethesda seems to be saying.

Last night during the PS4 beta, I learned in the hardest, most dramatic way possible that I will indeed be ignoring others (or at least only playing with my friends). But pretending the scary strangers weren’t there was not an option available to me. If what I experienced last night is representative of the player base that will be bouncing around in Fallout 76, I want no part of it.

Fallow 76 Hands-on preview 01
The character creator is just as detailed as it’s always been. A great thing considering Fallout 76 is now a co-op experience

My love for the Fallout franchise is deep and abiding. I have a Vault Boy figurine on my desk at work. I am one of those guys that lounges around all weekend in a Vault Boy t-shirt. The delicate mixture of lost innocence and dark humor that pervades the fallen United States in the Fallout universe clicks with me on every level.

Fallout is, without a doubt, my favorite video game franchise. Which is why it felt like such a bucket of cold water in the face when the Fallout 76 beta booted up last night and the voice of a racist child abuser began immediately booming out of the speakers in my living room.

I was so excited about the announcement of Fallout 76 that my teenage sons ponied up the cash and pre-ordered it for me as a birthday gift back in July. I was thrilled to take part in the PS4 beta, downloading the client last week.

I made arrangements with my wife to put the kids to bed so I would be able to play uninterrupted for the four hour duration of the beta. I loaded the client earlier in the day to be certain that there were no last minute patches that might delay my start. Settling on the sofa with a soda water and a bag of peanuts, I was ready to go.

Fallout 76

Though I’ve read about the reports of folks locking up and deleting the client, I had no such problems. I logged-in as expected and was presented with a glorious “Play” screen. Without looking at any of the settings, I immediately clicked ” Play” .

The opening cinematic began playing, and I watched with rapt interest, delighted to have a small bit of early Fallout lore filled in for me. The cinematic dynamically shifts into the character creator, one of my favorite parts of the overall Fallout experience.

I usually take about 45 minutes fussing around with the various levers and menus until I have things just right. I usually do this just for myself, but this time other people would be seeing my character, so I planned on being even more meticulous with my design. Snuggling my blanket more tightly around my legs, I gripped my DualShock and sat up a little straighter.

” Hey!” a voice boomed from my speakers. ” Hey you retard! You need to make a white man, you hear me? A. White. Man.”

[Note to readers: I would not normally use the word “retard” in my writing. If you were shocked by it, so was I. I will be using Mad-Lib style brackets for the rest of my story, leaving it to you to fill in the blanks.]

fallout 76

I sat stunned for a moment, looking confused around the living room. Had Bethesda implemented some ” white man only” policy that I was unaware of? No, of course not. This was simply the voice of some other Fallout player who also happened to be making his character, being piped directly into my home through the magic of Fallout 76.

” No!” the awful voice continued. “That is not a white man! That is a [swear word] [derogatory term for someone of Middle Eastern descent].”

” It’s not!” the voice of a young child insisted. My heart froze. ” It’s not a [derogatory term for someone of Middle Eastern descent]. It is a white man.”

“That is no white man!” the older voice insisted. ” Boy, you might as well make a [swear word] [swear word] [derogatory term for someone with African heritage]. Do you want to be running around this [swear word] game as a [swear word] [derogatory term for someone of Middle Eastern descent]?”

“No, Daddy”, the little voice said quietly. I couldn’t tell if it was a boy or a girl, but the child sounded like they were crying a little. It was absolutely heart breaking.

My jaw on the ground, I began fumbling around with the controller, seeking a way to mute the awful scene that was playing out in a living room somewhere else in the United States. I did not know if the terrible man that was haranguing his poor child was aware that everyone could hear him. I don’t know if he would have cared. I did know that my wife had my kids in the next room watching Trolls on an iPad, and I didn’t want them hearing this.

“Get that hook nose off of there,” the world’s worst father hollered into my home. “He looks like a [swear word] [derogatory term for a Jewish person].”

Fallow 76 Hands-on preview 02

It quickly became apparent that there was no way to mute other players from the character creation screen. I was going to have to mute my sound system to keep this cretin from screaming more obscene horrors into my home.

“No, you [upsetting term for someone with mental disabilities],” the voice yelled. ” He has [derogatory term for people of Latino descent] eyes!”

Sighing, I picked up the remote and muted my sound. I dejectedly created my bogus-looking character in about 90 seconds, and entered Vault 76. As soon as I was able to, I entered the options menu and silenced the other players so I could turn my sound back up. I kept them silenced for the duration of my four hour play period.

A few other players showed up in my iteration of Vault 76. I ignored them. As soon as I was out into the open world, I brought up the map to see that most of the other players were gathering around the next quest marker. I set out in the exact opposite direction.

After I settled down, I had a great time in the wastes of West Virginia. I explored the depths of a mine, forged some cool weapons, and got overwhelmed by a train of ghouls that were dumped on my by another player fleeing the pharmaceutical office building I was exploring. After the majority of players cleared out of the quest point, I meandered over to continue the main quest line. By myself.

What happened when I logged into Fallout 76 was not Bethesda’s fault. They don’t control the actions of people that purchase their games. That headline might seem unfair to them, but this is a true story. This really happened, and it made me think about ways that it might be prevented from happening to other players.

If I could communicate directly with them, I would advise Bethesda to withhold dropping players into the group chat until after they clear the character creation tools, or give players a way to silence the chat while creating a character. I would go so far as to say that it might be wise to make player chat something that people opt into, rather than forcing them to opt out. Put a big obvious red button on the log-in screen, with a warning that opting in might open people’s lives to the toxicity of hateful people.

I feel awful for the poor child that was forced to endure the harassment from their nightmare father while attempting to create a character in a game that is wildly inappropriate for children. I know that there are a lot of awesome Fallout fans, but less than one minute into Fallout 76, I decided that I would never even try to play with strangers. This one guy is not a fair representation of the gaming community, but I’m simply unwilling take the chance that I might run into another like him.

I play video games as an escape from the difficulties of the real world, a way to turn my mind off and disengage from all of the many problems in the troubled time we find ourselves in. I will absolutely continue playing Fallout 76, but I will be experiencing the horrors of the Waste without mixing in the horrors of the real world, thank you very much.

Nothing will change my love of Fallout, but the open multiplayer aspects of Fallout 76 lost me in less than 60 seconds. It’s not Bethesda’s fault, or Fallout 76’s fault. Awful people exist in the world. But going forward, I will be playing Fallout 76 with my friends in a PlayStation party, and Fallout 76 group chat will be muted. For me and my family, it feels like the only responsible move until some more robust, industry-wide controls are in place.

  • Timothy Wenners

    Welcome to the Internet Snowflake.

    • spideynut71

      LOL, exactly. This is what happens when your chosen platform primarily makes SP-only games.

      • Ucouldntbemorewrong

        ya Ok sparky?1 It happens across all platforms.

        • JonahFalcon

          You approve too, huh?

          • J.j. Barrington

            Would you mind making comments with some actual substance?

          • JonahFalcon

            Answer the question, please.

          • J.j. Barrington

            You didn’t ask me the question, did you? Or can you not keep that straight?

          • Evola Yockey

            Yeah, I approve. I think racists like you should get a one-way train ticket to camp in Poland

      • Blaugrana

        It happens on all platforms, nutjob.

        • spideynut71

          No shlt…that’s exactly my point. The author apparently never plays MP games, or they’d know this is just the typical crap that happens in ALL MP games.

          • J.j. Barrington

            That’s not your point at all. You made a silly, ill-advised dig at Sony. It was stupid, particularly given the success of multiplayer games on PS4.

    • JonahFalcon

      You approve, huh?

      • J.j. Barrington

        How would you come to that concusion?

        • JonahFalcon

          “Welcome to the Internet Snowflake.”

          You obviously think things are A-OK.

          Funny how neo-cons like you love to mock people, but the second things don’t go your way, you cry like a newborn.

          • J.j. Barrington

            What are you even talking about? How many leaps of logic is that?

            Here’s the thing, internet tough guy: this nice little tool we’re using grants anonymity, and a fairly large measure of impunity. This means people say things they never would otherwise- like you, elsewhere, acting like you’re hot stuff- because there’s nothing anybody can really do to stop them. And guess what:

            That’s part and parcel of the internet. It’s part of online gaming- part of the reason I’ve no love for XBL, in fact. Either grow thicker skin, or leave: those are the options.

    • RocketRoach

      More like “welcome to the dumpster fire the calls itself “Gamer” culture”.

      • JonahFalcon

        Well, you put white male manbabies in any situation, it always becomes a dumpster fire.

        • Evola Yockey

          Yes, the world would be SOOOO much better if it was run by 65-IQ negroes from the Congo or 80-IQ mestizos from Guatemala.


          Lol you racist literal retard

      • J.j. Barrington

        That’s false. You may as well say every cop is corrupt, every Muslim is a terrorist, every white person is racist, et cetera.

  • Qweets

    Lol you write this as if you’ve never used the damn internet before.. Jesus christ

    • JonahFalcon

      And that makes it okay? “Get used to it”?

      • Evola Yockey

        Your mom got used to my smegma

  • grimrook

    im willing 2 bet this never happened

  • Reidar Korsbrekke

    Yeah sure this happened. Nice fairytale.

  • NeonPanda

    So what? Big deal.

  • Al Buns

    Stunned at racism? As a black man we expect it as gaming is infected with these type of scum as every other group is. This is one reason I don’t play online. Just look at the attitudes of the responses. People are ignorant.

    • C A Iversen

      This kind of negativity happens in multiple different directions. I have heard many comments that are insulting towards people of caucasian descent too. Trying to word some of it as nicely as I can, I’ve heard people inform me that apparently if my girlfriend “went black, she’d never go back instead of settling for a short appendaged white guy” or that “we p*** all over white boys at sports, might as well at gaming too”. Racism, it goes in all directions, there are no “saint” groups that get a pass.

      • Bilal Prince-Ali

        and you think that’s as widespread or real than what people of colour go through..? loool

        • Evola Yockey

          You don’t go through sheeeit, kang. Whites have bent over backwards for you for fifty years. Actually “raysiss” whites are few and far between.

          We’re about to fix that though. We’re tired of your crybaby boosheet, and we have kneegrow fatigue.

          • Bilal Prince-Ali

            lol… ok *thumbs up*

      • J.j. Barrington

        Of course it happens in multiple directions. After all, we’re not chained up on plantations anymore; even if we were, the negativity would still be there, just hidden.

        Take note: folks who were oppressed tend to lash out when they get freedom, and it only gets worse if the former oppressors fight back or try to wrest control or devising new ways to keep said control. And guess what’s been happening since the Civil War?

    • Evola Yockey

      Africa is thataway. Take your bitch-made whining with you, sambo.

  • Shieftain

    Post audio or it never happened.

    • JonahFalcon

      Another white male insisting white male gamers aren’t racist.

      • Shieftain

        I’m not even white, you ironically racist weirdo. You’ve been responding to every single comment on here. Are you in bed with the author or something?

      • DawnSword

        how do you know the guy behind the mic was white?

        if anything you are the racist person here

      • Evola Yockey

        Another bitch whining about how they aren’t white males, because white males are objectively the most awesome people on the planet and have given you everything you now enjoy.

        Fap more to images of blondes who won’t look at you, sheeeitskin incel.

        Yeah, we see you.

  • wilMaster04

    lol shocking! racist exist….

  • John Doe

    I think if you’re white and live in a trailer, talk with a southern hillbilly accent, or your parents basement you should not be allowed on any online service.

    • J.j. Barrington

      I think you’re full of crap.

      • John Doe

        Oh, hit a nerve did I. I’m sure your trailer and the park it’s in is really nice.

        • J.j. Barrington

          Yep: just checked and you’re still full of crap.

          • John Doe

            Lol! Man, you’re no fun. I was hoping to troll some white nationalists but ended up with you. I’m not one who usually insults people verbally or written nor do I ever troll people, so I’m not very good at it.
            Oh well, I guess if I’m going to be bad at something those are two good things to be bad at.

          • J.j. Barrington

            Kinda hard for a black guy to be a white nationalist, I’d think.

          • Evola Yockey

            Shutup Sambo. Vidya is for white men.

          • J.j. Barrington

            Boring. Come up with better content next time. Thanks.

  • Novacell

    “journalism” needs facts and proof that an event happened. Not hearsay. Pressing the share button would have saved the video with audio and lets be honest you can’t be so sensitive to a few choice words from unknown individuals. Its online gaming and your headline racist child abuser without proof you leave yourself wide open. I played Fallout 76 for about two hours last night and no one had bloody mics and shocked by racism ! Where have you been hiding?

    • JonahFalcon

      Why do you assume he’s lying?

      Ever play any videogame?

      • Novacell

        Not saying hes lying ,not saying he’s telling the truth. The keyword is proof. I don’t automatically assume just because someone has written something its fact without proof his written piece is open to interpretation by the reader. What has, what he has written got to do with me playing video games!!! You don’t need to play video games to know that people can and will be idiots online just watch youtube.

      • Evola Yockey

        “I got called a BADNAME once. It shattered me. I mean I was literally shaking. We need to empower the jewz- I mean the POLICE to round up all these mean namecalling badthinkers up and put them in camps before they ruin my bongload gaming sessions where I fantasize about being pegged by a woman if one would even touch me. Until then, I’m going to pretend to be moral in my envious shitting all over everyone else’s fun”

  • Dixiedevil

    This sounds so phony. It’s a shame that there’s no way to capture and share video in video games. Im surprised it didn’t end with you giving him a piece of your mind and everybody clapped.

    • JonahFalcon


      • Evola Yockey

        I don’t know, why do you have an Aneros in your fundament?

        Why? Why? Why?

        Why is the sky blue, and why is the bukkake white? It’s streaming down your chin. Explain it to me, oh moral one, who is so much more moral than anyone else on Earth, and has the GOODOPINIONS? Why? Why? Why?

        Good God, what an insufferable, disingenuous phaggot.

  • Rich

    Well, I read about the racism but where was the child abuse? A bit of a sensationalist title don’t you think?

    Besides, if you think what the father said was bad, what til you hear what the actual players will be like. Online gaming is a rowdy place which draws people who want to provoke and aggravate.

    In fact, even good people can sometimes use online games to vent and let off some steam. I know a couple of people who are really trustworthy friends that you can count on, the sort that would hand in a lost wallet. When I’ve watched them play online though they act like complete bastards. Why? Because they simply see it as a playground, a place to let loose in a virtual world, where no one can get hurt and they expect others who go online to feel the same. To hear them online you’d think they were monsters but if you met them in real life they’d be friendly, courteous and helpful.

    Maybe online games should have separate servers; ‘Adult no-holds barred’ and ‘I’m easily offended’ so that everyone can get the experience they want.

    Regardless, it’s a bit dodgy to assume that this man beats his kids or mentally tortures them just because he uses foul language.

    • JonahFalcon

      I assume you call children vile slurs and don’t consider it abuse?

      Trust me, Child Protection Services have a far different view of what consitutes abuse than you do.

      • JonahFalcon

        “In fact, even good people can sometimes use online games to vent and let off some steam.”

        Tell you what — do it in front of children and their parents, then say “I was just letting off steam!”

        • Rich

          What’s that got to do with anything? The man wasn’t doing it in front of other people’s parents and children. Families often speak far more differently with each other behind closed doors than they do when putting on their shop window. Why? Because they know their own boundaries within their own homes.

          The only negative thing I know for certain without having heard it myself is that he’s setting a bad example to his kid with regards to the racist remarks. That’s all.

          EDIT: Also, it’s not his fault someone had their speakers on in their own home with young kids about, if those were the people you were talking about. It’s a M rated online game with anonymity and, like I mentioned before, no real boundaries. Everyone knows what the internet is like. You wouldn’t sit there blaring out a Tarantino film when your little nippers are still awake so why do it with an online game?

      • Rich

        Back at ya Re:CPS. Unless I missed something with all the bracketed and deleted swearing, he actually called his kid a retard on 1 occasion. We have no idea the tone either and no, I don’t trust the dramatic description. Child Services would in fact take a different view to you I feel. Come on now, ‘vile slur’? Really? That’s highly debatable. If CPS were to get involved every time a parent said something like that they’d need more employees than the police force and what would they do exactly? You’d have millions of kids put up for adoption or something?

        Besides, what do you think of this then? *Trigger warning*

        If he said it anything like this, then I’d interpret it as a joke. For all we know, the kid has been brought up as racist too and the two of them talk like this all the time as ‘banter’.

      • Evola Yockey

        U R A PHAG

  • GrimmyReaper

    Sorry but while I won’t be as skeptic as most people in the comments, why did you not just record this?
    On PC, XBOX and PS4 you can just take back a few minutes after gameplay so there is no excuse.

    Same as there is no real excuse for racists online. It sucks but you know what I do? I block them and ignore them. Just don’t bother.

  • B68W

    While that would have been unpleasant to hear straightaway in a game, I don’t see why you were so traumatized as to not speak to anyone else in the game. Shouldn’t you have at least tested the waters further to see if this was an isolated incident or if that is what other players can expect when they log into the game?

    • JonahFalcon

      If you’re not traumatized, there’s something fucking wrong with you.

      • B68W

        I’ve lived outside of a suburban white bubble and have experienced far worse things, so I don’t clutch my pearls and fall to pieces, like you, every time I hear something mean spirited. I suppose that’s what’s wrong with me, I have perspective.

        • JonahFalcon

          I’m born and bred NYC, living in the Lower East Side in the 70’s and 80’s. PLEASE don’t try to teach me about it. (face palm)

          If you’re not traumatized about a child being verbally abused, it’s called being a sociopath.

          • B68W

            Well, perhaps that explains why you feel the need to respond to so many comments with your unearned self-righteousness.

            “If you’re not traumatized about a child being verbally abused, it’s called being a sociopath.”

            Actually, it’s called being an adult. I’ve seen burnt and wounded children in Afghanistan. Next to that, a little name calling(however mean spirited) is minor. Like I said, perspective. I don’t know how you manage to go outside, watch a movie, or do anything else of substance without being traumatized if something like that breaks you down. (Face palm, middle finger up)

            Traumatized: subject to lasting shock as a result of an emotionally disturbing experience or physical injury.

          • Evola Yockey


            WORDS HURT! Especially to a hard guy who lived “in” the LES in the 80s. LOL (see my post above).

            If that were true, words wouldn’t hurt his feels, I can tell you that.

            I used to have to step over blue OD’d bodies on my stoop to go to school living there, and saw my first fatal shooting at 12.

            That guy is a lying internet SW pussy, probably about 14 and from the suburbs of Bloomington.

          • Evola Yockey

            If you actually lived ON the LES you’d know the proper terminology.

            No one lives “IN” it.

            From someone who actually was born at Beekman and raised on E. 7th between C and D in the 70s and 80s- you’re full of shit.

        • brubble

          HAHA She-it. “”I dont clutch my pearls and fall to pieces…” Amazing.

      • J.j. Barrington

        Not being traumatized just means this isn’t enough to shake it. At this point, it’s a secondhand account, and may not even be legit; why would this traumatize anyone?

        • JonahFalcon

          It’s a first hand account, dipshit, if he experienced it. Journalist 101.

          • J.j. Barrington

            It’s secondhand to us, which is why you saying somebody else should be traumatized is stupid.

            By the way, that’d be “Journalism 101.” At least get this stuff right… but then, you haven’t gotten anything else right, so that would be expecting a bit much of you.

        • GTKRWN


      • Alex Muncatchy

        Eh, even the author mentioned that he “had a great time in the marshes of West Virginia.” I’d imagine if he were truly perturbed by what he had heard and experienced, he would of ended the game and gone to bed. He continued to play, albeit in a slightly quieter atmosphere. Someone should of given this man some headphones, as well.

        I am definitely not one to question the merits of the account being spoken of (I have no idea why people would) But this is something that could happen in any multiplayer game. This happens online. Period. I am not quite sure why this author felt the need to write the article and speak to the inherent detriment of voice chat as if it’s exclusive to the game and nothing else.

        It honestly would have been far more impactful if he had shown the footage, or released an audio recording, if he is going for “guess what bad night I had in the Fallout 76 Beta” angle. I am not oblivious to not know that it exists, nor am I seemingly oblivious to what happens when human beings are given a mouse/keyboard (or controller) and a microphone to spit their vitriol.

        • J.j. Barrington

          I question the merits not because things like this don’t happen, but rather because this specific incident sounds like it was contrived.

      • GTKRWN

        Just like you’re still traumatized by all six of your grandmothers being turned into lampshades during the holohoax, moshie?

  • tommyV

    Proof or it didn’t happen. THIS IS FAKE NEWS. You sound like an anti-white person trying to stir up controversy.

    • JonahFalcon

      Maybe you should play ANY RANDOM MULTIPLAYER GAME sometime.

      And why are you accusing this person of lying?

      • Brett Sharer

        Because they didn’t record any part of this supposed abusive tirade.

      • Evola Yockey

        Does your pussy hurt?

        Try some cream.And maybe some Midol so you don’t sound like such a whiny beeyotch while menstruating all over this comment section.

  • True FF Fan

    Yes, people can be racist, whoopie doo, the news (like CNN) is filled with anti-white crap, so we all already know that racism is running rampart. Did you also learn that fire is hot? As for world’s worst father, either you are a drama queen or truly ignorant if you think that’s a terrible dad. Plenty of fathers kill, molest and torture their sons, this guy is not anywhere near the list of terrible fathers.

    • J.j. Barrington


      • B68W

        Don Lemon(CNN) said yesterday that the greatest terror threat to America was white men. I’d say that’s fairly bigoted, would you call that anti-white?

        • J.j. Barrington

          I’d say recent tragedies perpetrated by white men, and the thought process that led to them bears out Lemon’s claim.

          • B68W

            I can’t speak to their thought processes, anyone who wants to kill large amounts of people(outside of enemy combatants in a war) is insane. But seeing as white people make a majority of the population it shouldn’t be surprising that the majority of these tragedies are perpetrated by them. But should it be okay to blanket blame an entire demographic? Example: Despite only amounting to about 2.7% of the population, muslims are to blame for the majority of terrorist deaths in the U.S. in this century, should they be construed as the greatest terror threat to America? Black males commit the majority of homicides in the U.S. despite only being about 7% of the population, should we consider them the greatest criminal threat to America? Most of these terrorist and criminal acts are committed by men, are all men the greatest threat to America, period?

          • J.j. Barrington

            “But should it be okay to blanket blame an entire demographic?”

            The cynical answer: Why not? White people do and have done the same to every other group you can think of.

            More personally, I don’t blanket blame anything, and I don’t think anyone else really does. I think looking at it that way- as a blanket blame- is trying to make it too simple an interpretation. I think you understand quite well that the people saying “White males are X” don’t mean “Every single white male is X.”

            “Example: Despite only amounting to about 2.7% of the population, muslims are to blame for the majority of terrorist deaths in the U.S. in this century,”

            Your example is a bit skewed, don’t you think? Isn’t it true that any time a Muslim does something, it’s considered terrorism? Dylan Roof’s attack on that church is a hate crime, yes, but it’s also a terrorist attack. It wasn’t called that, though, was it? The shooting at the synagogue is a terrorist attack that won’t be labeled as such. School shootings are the same.

            “Black males commit the majority of homicides in the U.S. despite only being about 7% of the population, should we consider them the greatest criminal threat to America?”

            Wouldn’t that require them to be guilty of the majority of crimes in America? And isn’t that skewed, to boot? Sure it is, but doesn’t that require more understanding than you’re saying should be applied?

            Wouldn’t you say the people who defraud millions, who collapse companies and ruin towns and make out like bandits are more dangerous? Wouldn’t you say corporations that damage our environment for their own greed are more dangerous? Wouldn’t you say politicians spouting divisive, aggressive rhetoric are more dangerous?

            “Most of these terrorist and criminal acts are committed by men, are all men the greatest threat to America, period?”

            ALL men? No. Once again, don’t mistake a statement in the general to be an exclamation of “every,” as such a thing is never true when referring to human being- except in regards to say, death- and asserting that someone means all members of a group or trying to make such an assertion yourself is a dishonest propagandist tactic that contributes nothing of value.

            MEN? Yes. Nevermind violent crimes, or just America; men are the perpetrators of the vast majority of the atrocities and wrongs in this world, and have been so throughout history. Obviously, not all men are guilty or will be guilty- which is the primary point it seems you need to understand: that blanket statements should not be understood to include every individual, especially if someone insists that it SHOULD- but it is a truth that men are humanity’s biggest threat.

          • CannibalColohaust

            Imagine not only defending blanket statements, but also redefining them as something righteous. Here’s a hot tip; if you’re trying to say something, don’t say something else and then whine when people respond to that instead. You’re a big boy and you should know how language works by now. Say what you actually mean. You’re not among friends who will charitably read between the lines of your pontifications.

          • J.j. Barrington

            First off: I’m not the one making blanket statements.

            Second: context lets you know whether or not someone is intending for a remark to be taken as applying to every individual, or whether it’s meant “in general.” If you ignore that context, that’s your fault. And there’s a lot of that going on, though there’s also a lot of instances in which people are truly trying to use blanket statements.

            Third: knowing how language works means knowing that people don’t always say what they actually mean. Or rather: people rarely say what they actually mean, and are instead constantly speaking in hyperbole, similes, analogies, exaggerations, and so on. If you claim to be a big boy, you should be aware of this, too.

            Fourth: reading between the lines is something people do to your words, regardless. There’s nothing that limits that to being just friends. Indeed, people who don’t know you read between the lines far more than your friends would. As for whether or not they do so charitably, that depends on your position with them in a number of ways. In any case, it’s not as if you can control what other people choose to read into.

            Fifth: this place, apparently, is for discussion. To do that, there needs to be conversation, and an intent to understand the other person’s words. That means a certain amount of charitable effort on the part of the reader, without which conversation doesn’t exist. Seems like you didn’t put much effort in on that side this time.

          • MMB Tycalibre

            Would you happily apply that same logic to violent crime stats?

          • J.j. Barrington

            Would you happily do away with the irrelevant deflecting that would be wrong, regardless?

          • MMB Tycalibre

            Is that a no?

          • J.j. Barrington

            Before I respond one way or the other, I’d expect it to be relevant to the discussion at hand.

            Can you show that your question, or my answer to it, is relevant?

          • MMB Tycalibre

            It’s not, I’m just curious. Seeing as it would have been easier to answer than deflect, I’ll assume it’s a no.

          • J.j. Barrington

            No, you’re not “just curious.” And it’s ironic that you call my response a deflection, given your question is a deflection from the subject at hand. Sorry, but I’m not as gullible as you’d like.

            Assume to your own detriment.

          • Evola Yockey

            3.5 percent of the US population (black males 15-40) commit nearly sixty percent of all violent crime.

            That’s an unassailable,verifiable, FACT.

            Tell me who we should be rounding up and imprisoning then? It sure as shit ain’t white men, especially when you bring per capita to bear. Blacks are TWENTY-SEVEN times MORE LIKELY to assault, rob, rape, or kill a white than vice-versa. These are just facts.

            But black dudes with white husbands like Don Lemonparty say we should “fear whites”. Uh-huh.

          • J.j. Barrington

            I’m sure that has nothing to do with arrest or even prosecution rates, does it? Or with the number of crimes that simply go unreported or are swept under the rug in white communities.

            Nah, that can’t be it.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      looool anti-white!!?

  • HAppY_KrAToS

    If this had happened to another person, i am sure, 99.999% of the 90-95 million ps4 owners would simply hit the share button-> video, and would record at least one/the previous gameplay hour.
    99.999% of people would have wanted to have a visual/audio proof of what had just happened… in case, one day, bethesda, or the police would ask ‘dear sir, do you remember if/when you played a certain game and there was a father taking to his young kid…?’…

    Anyone with an I.Q. over 20 would have recorded it.

    Imagine if you are walking in a forest, and suddenly, a metallic aircraft is flying right above you. .. you have a smartphone and a digital camera ready to shot a video, you have a chance to prove the world aliens do exist. ..
    But no.. you keep watching it, for 30 minutes, and you ‘forget’ to take some pictures or capture some video. .. !

    Come on… seriously. ..

    • Fear Monkey

      As someone who has played the beta quite a bit, this kind of smells like SJW baloney.

      • JonahFalcon

        Neo-con terminology. Of course it doesn’t happen. Racists insist racism doesn’t exist. Or they’re the victims of “reverse racism”.

        • Fear Monkey

          get a safe space, crawl in it, and cry a good cry. Nice throwing around neo-Con, you learned that term from your college professor?

          • JonahFalcon

            Hey loser. This is me — I don’t hide behind anonymity like you.

            I’ve been gaming probably 20 years before you were born (Magnavox Odyssey II). Don’t even fucking try to talk down to me.

            PS. You’re ignored.

          • Curunir

            Do you feel physical, bodily pain from all this stupidity?

          • GTKRWN

            Jews feel no pain or remorse. That is how they can get away with such constant lies and evil.

          • Fear Monkey

            Troll harder… Oh and if your first gaming was Odyssey II, I was gaming before you, troll! And if im truly ignored, you will never reply, so just enjoy your lame ass trolling.

          • J.j. Barrington

            Talking down to you is the most sensible course of action here.

          • Denizen of the Depths

            Appeal to morality over anonymity, appeal to authority using gaming creds and age, and then blocking the other party – three ingredients of a non-argument. Nice work, sunflower; you really put him in his place.

          • GTKRWN

            Oi vey, he shut it down!

          • Evola Yockey


  • J.j. Barrington

    Stretching belief, here.

    • JonahFalcon


      • J.j. Barrington

        This doesn’t pass the eye test, that’s why. The dialogue doesn’t sound organic, and there being no audio/video in this day and age makes it tough to believe. Not to mention: even if it WERE true, this would just be the latest example of something that’s been going on since online chatting in games was introduced.

        Not really something worth writing an article over. Particularly if you don’t plan to actually do anything about it.

        • Bilal Prince-Ali

          my EXACT thoguhts… looool

        • JonahFalcon

          In other words, you don’t believe it because you don’t like it.

          • J.j. Barrington

            More like: I’m not gullible like you are, so I take a critical eye to things, and call them out if they don’t look right.

          • Denizen of the Depths

            He summarily explained why he doesn’t believe it, you dipshitted fuckwit. Stop projecting your baseless, emotional reasoning habits onto other people.

          • GTKRWN

            NPCs will always come to defend their jewish masters. Golems were created to serve.

          • brubble

            There we go. +1 😉

          • Brett Sharer

            If this really happened, why didn’t he immediately begin recording? If you save a video clip on PS4, it’ll record the last few minutes of gameplay – so even if he didn’t start recording once the abuse began, he could have hit one button and saved the last 5 minutes he was experiencing.

      • muteprophet 87

        That fucking (((nose)))!

  • brubble

    Oh boy! This must be your very first experience with MP games on the ol’ interwebs. Welcome!

  • Mike

    Seems the community is plenty toxic. I came across an [event] in Fallout 76 as well. I had just finished my bowl of peas and was practicing crouching behind few barrels and accidentally overheard the following encounter:

    “Hello, Eric. What is up?” an ominous voice said.
    “Sup, my fellow gaming journalist colleague “the other person replied , continuing the authentic-sounding dialogue between them.
    “Eric,do you have anything to write about or are you still thinking about what to write about?” the voice inquired.
    “I am glad you asked that question from me, video game journalist colleague. I have nothing to write about yet but I think I know what I will write about..I think I try finding out if I can produce the most fake sounding story in the universe.”
    “haha, a funny idea, Eric. ”
    “haha. see you around.”
    “see you around too, Eric”

    This story is true. I would never lie to you.

    Seriously though, people have said nasty thing to one another online since forever. It absolutely happens today, happened yesterday and will happen tomorrow, too. Everything about this particular encounter screams “fake!” louder than anything I’ve read in the net in a long time.

  • LarZen

    Sure there are individuals like you encountered in online games. What I do. And what everyone should do is to talk to these players. When I encounter players like that I say it as it is. “Stop talking nonsense or I’ll report you”. Often the response is even more nonsense. Where I reply “I’m recording this and I got your name”.

    This is something all the consoles and PC do if you set it up to do so. In 9 of 10 times the person then stops. Often apologizing and sometimes to my surprise opening up of to why they are having such a silly moment in a game we all just want to have fun in.

    I play allot of Sea of Thieves. A game where there is proximity voice chat just like in Fallout 76. And I’ve meet allot of great people. Had so much fun with random people and encounters you can just forget in singleplayer games.

    And is why I’m so excited for Fallout 76. I played the beta last night and had a great time doing so. Had a player who’s microphone was messed up so he walked around broadcasting some horrible static noise for everyone in the area. I just went in to the main menu and a list of all the players came up. Muted him and continued my adventure.

    So you can mute players. You can even turn off proximity voice chat and only open up it for your group etc. So there are options available.

    That said I cant recommend enough having an open mic and proximity chat. It opens up for some fantastic encounters and fun.

    Sure there will be bad encounters but you/we cant let a few bad apples ruin all the fun can we?

  • Rob Nigsy Bateman

    Yeah, this sounds like some amateur level SJW fantasy to stir up controversy.

    That’s not to say that there aren’t terrible people online, but this conversation just reeks of bullshit, nobody speaks like that.

    • Eddie Rhodes

      Dude have you ever been south of the Mason Dixon line? I met tons of people that talked like that. None that talked that way to their kids in front of me, but more than a couple who probably would. have.

      • Rob Nigsy Bateman

        Even the most out there racist would struggle to come up with this dialogue in a single conversation, lets unpack it and walk through the timeline.

        Child starts game and instantly creates a character that has middle eastern skin, a jewish nose, and latino eyes, all in the presence of his racist father who is diligently watching his kid play Fallout 76 as all racist parents do.

        1. Father calls son a retard
        2. Son starts crying and exclaims “no daddy”
        3. Father insults middle eastern people
        4. Father insults african people
        5. Father insults jewish people
        6. Father insults latino people, and calls kid a retard
        7. All the while the innocent child cries because as we all know children are pure and want to live in a world without colours.

        Did his miss anyone out? I’m sure if this conversation had continued then the father would have also insulted LGBTQ people, and then probably eskimos. Did the kid not realise that his father is a massive racist? Have you ever seen kids from racist families, usually they are pretty tuned into what their parents have told them about people of colour, certainly enough to not create one in a video game in front of their parent and then cry about it.

        As I said i fully accept that there are worse people online – but this conversation is just so contrived and trying (and failing) to be shocking.

        • GTKRWN

          Come now… when has a jew ever lied just to make money pushing fake news before before?

        • Amdprorep

          Yep this is either a good troll or flat out lies from some unhinged psycho.

      • J.j. Barrington

        I’ve lived my whole life “south of the Mason Dixon line, and nobody’s talking is structured like that.

  • Curunir

    How did I get dragged into this clickbait sci-fi / speculative fiction bullshit?

  • Bitekr

    there are players like that everywhere playing online games. this gamer should have been reported to sony and secondly why just to sit quiet , do nothing and listen to this. i think i would say something. obviously you should not just keep quiet and just let it go.

    • Denizen of the Depths

      He’s a beta faggot cuck so what else would you expect? He wrote this whiny ass article, afterall. Plus, he probably didn’t want to disturb his wife’s boyfriend’s kids by speaking.

  • Jonny Maximum

    This was pretty hilarious

  • Heath Zumstein

    I played the beta and you can’t even encounter other players until you exit the vault which is instanced, and you don’t even spawn into the vault until you’ve completed character creation.

    I assumed this was some kind of satire, but people are clearly thinking this is real, which it obviously isn’t to anyone who has played the game.

    • Jimmy Jimstar

      You can bump into other players during character creation. Not that I care or support this whiny article’s PoV of course, but I care about honesty. Here’s evidence.

      • GTKRWN

        That’s Vinny and his co-hosts in the stream, not random strangers in-game, you lying kike.

        • EmeraldAl

          This is offensive. Please remove it. We do not know that Vinny and/or his co-hosts do not self-identify as “strangers”. It is wrong to assume and deny them strangerhood.

  • Spokker

    My wife was playing Fat Princess online once and we overheard some Mexican girl fighting with some black kid calling him homosexual slurs and stuff. Pretty funny.

    About as interesting as this stupid blog post.

    • J.j. Barrington

      A little more interesting, actually.

    • Evola Yockey

      I was playing COD and some literal Klansmen in hoods jumped out and started telling me to vote for Trump and that the only reason a nation would have borders is racism because of HATRED FOR SKIN COLOR They then made me get in a Mercedes at gunpoint and invade Poland.


  • LinKurosawa

    Nice pearl clutching blog post you giant baby.


    You can’t hear other players talking unless you specifically interact with them. You definitely can’t hear them from the character creation screen. The author is lying and the article is bullshit. Or he’s just a kike. But I repeat myself.

  • Jihad_Joe

    White men created video games to escape SJW bullshit like this!

    Screw you Eric Hauter and your fake outrage.

  • EmeraldAl

    “Dear Diary, today I learned there are trolls on the internet”.

  • zombat .

    The comment section saved this fake made up article

  • matt ola

    just another garbage tier website spewing SJW bullshit…… racism was all but dead until “we the people” voted in a radical racist leftist that wrote a book about how he hates white people and went out of his way to cause division throughout the county. SKIN IS CLEAR get over it nobody cares not My real black brothers or My real mexican brothers. so fucking stop the race batting Its made up by the mental left….

  • Eric Stratton

    “I made arrangements with my wife to put the kids to bed so I would be able to play uninterrupted for the four hour duration of the beta. ”


    • Evola Yockey

      Sounds like the “duration of (his) beta” is a lot longer than four hours.

      • Andonios

        Perma beta.

  • Amdprorep

    Where is the recorded audio and video? Sounds like a bullshit story. Anyhow hope you uninstalled the game and went back to baking cookies for your “wife”

  • hiking

    Fake story and the writer Eric Hauter sounds like a sissy.

  • Evola Yockey


    Things that didn’t happen for 500.



  • Sufkut


    • Sandy Banks

      Shagged ya mum

  • Andonios

    Hey Eric, did you have to get permission from your wife to write this article? You’re a big man baby, had my beta been filled with Fathers of the year like that guy then maybe I would have played.

    You just ruined soda water for me by the way, all I imagine is some wimpy Low-T guy “snuggling” with a blanket. What grown man says “snuggling”. Man you are the total meme package.

    • Evola Yockey

      He has one of those “snuggy” blankets with feet that he wears while gaming, and he gives his 300-lb purple-haired waifu massages but drinks microwave cocoa while gaming that he fetches for himself.

    • Shlomo S

      The irony of someone who plays video games accusing someone of being a ‘wimpy low-t guy’ LMAO. You’re all cucks. No wonder Arabs, Mexicans, and Africans are taking over white countries.

  • Star Classic

    Oh, please. I don’t buy this for a second. *rolls eyes*

  • Tor Odinssønn

    What a complete crybaby. Someone says something you don’t like online and you have to write this mewling garbage? I felt my testosterone levels drop continuously while reading this article. Sad!

    • Shlomo S

      How can something that’s negative drop? Go suck an Arab guy’s weiner, you swedish cuck

      • Tor Odinssønn

        Fuck off, Jew lmao

  • Sandy Banks

    Whoever raised the person responsible for this article did a terrible job of preparing them for adulthood. Whoever’s raising the kid the article is about shoud be pissed and shit on.

  • muteprophet 87

    I will take “[swear word] that didn’t happen for $800, Alex.

  • Moudy Abdel Aziz

    Then you wrote this Article and the Bus clapped

  • Aidan Harper

    This is the internet, you must be new here.
    Grow up and ignore it, you muted them and that’s the best you can do, although that’s why you’re right in the regard voice chat should be opt-in, not opt-out.

  • Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag

    A pathetic beta male

  • Colt Seavers

    “I play video games as an escape from the difficulties of the real world, a way to turn my mind off and disengage from all of the many problems in the troubled time we find ourselves in.”

    Bitch you’re permanently disengaged from the real world. This is just mental masturbation for you and that is if you’re even telling the truth about enjoying video games.

  • Marcos Perez

    How the hell did this absolute joke of a man manage to have kids?i bet they are the neighbours kids

    • nathaniel Fisher

      How the hell did an absolute joke of a human like you manage to exist? Bet your neighbor helped.

  • Bruno Meiriño

    I will take shit that never happened for $500

  • Jake Martinez

    Finally I logged off and wrote an article about this old man, my Patreon received 5 million dollars and Oprah gave everyone a brand new car.

    And that racist old mans name… Albert Einstein.

  • ManlyYams

    the “Enjoyed my time in the West Virginia Wastelands” tipped me off that this is a crock of crap. No one has been enjoying this buggy crap-on-toast game. The fact that you wrote out the whole story about “evil racist father” just adds to the invalidity of your entire article.

    Honestly you probably had a checklist. “Make fun of… Jews, African Americans, LatinX or whatever, Chinese and disabled people… hmmm am I missing anything else? Oh shit I hope I don’t forget a sexist joke”. “Maybe I shouldn’t write that he hit that kid, that might be a bit too much…”

  • Kemosabe

    The whole thing is obviously fake, but the biggest smoking gun is the fact that you didn’t record any of this. A ‘journalist’ who is trying to make money off of “everyone is racist” headlines didn’t bother to record a racist incident that they witnessed? Yeah, nah. Recording this fantasy of yours would have been the first thing you would have done.

    • J.j. Barrington

      Whoa, Kemosabe! Can’t have you making reasonable statements.

  • DerpySnake

    people said mean things to me online, wah 🙁

  • dmitrospb

    having a collection of vaultboy-themed dildos is all fine and dandy, but i wonder if this [derogatory term for emasculated, pearl-clutching white liberal] has ever played fallout 1 or 2 (i.e. the real ones). duh, of course not.

    • Shlomo S

      All white ‘men’ are emasculated. You are by a considerable margin the most low-t cucked group on the planet. One Arab or African has the testosterone levels of about 500 white men.

  • Sean Gilfillan

    I’d much rather not hear other people talking while I’m playing fallout anyway… Friends sure, or roleplayers, definitely… but other people randomly talking in their houses? Bollocks to that.

  • Shlomo S

    I like how everyone here is making fun of this guy, but if someone makes a mild joke about white people you lose your tiny minds

  • Waffles_Of_Doom

    You are this big of a mangina and made it to being a father? You all about SIMP life