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Abandoned’s Development Has Been Negatively Impacted By Kojima & Silent Hill PS5 Rumors

Blue Box Game Studios, developer behind the upcoming survival horror title Abandoned on PS5, has revealed that long-running murmurs about Hideo Kojima’s involvement in the project – which revolve around a new Silent Hill – have negatively affected the game’s production.

Speaking during a recent interview, Game Designer Hasan Kahraman also dropped a few details on the game’s setting, confirming it takes place in the United States.

You have no idea, it was really crazy and had a negative effect even on the development process with a lot of distractions, but I’m sure people will really like Abandoned, we believe in the game, and I still think people will like it.

I can’t reveal much about the game, but I can say that it takes place in a deserted place in America.

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In case you’ve been living under a rock, Abandoned attracted many conspiracy theories from some gamers suggesting it’s another Kojima-san fake out, similar to what he did with Moby Dick Studios and The Phantom Pain.

Last week, Kahraman revealed that images of Abandoned have leaked online, with preloading for its realtime trailer app kicking off at the end of last month.

[Source – WCCFTech]