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AEW Show First Gameplay From Its Wrestling Game, Developed By Former WWE Developer ‘Yuke’s’


AEW has shown the first gameplay from its wrestling game, which is being developed by the former developers of the WWE 2K series, Yuke’s.

The gameplay is short and doesn’t offer much beyond cinematic cameras, but it is exciting to get a first look at what Yukes have been developing, after their infamous split with 2K after the rough state WWE 2K20 launched in. You can get a first look at the AEW game below in the gameplay clip:

This game from AEW has been rumored and discussed here and there for a while now, but earlier this year it was finally confirmed and later on, AEW announced when they would be revealing the game to the world. The title, along with Yuke’s is also being Directed by Hideyuki “Geta” Iwashita, who directed the N64 Classic WWF No Mercy.

AEW are currently developing a wrestling game for PC and consoles.

Source – [AEW Games]