Alan Kertz talks Battlefield 3 beta, friendly fire

Alan Kertz, Senior Gameplay Designer of EA’s upcoming Battlefield 3, answered many questions via his Twitter account about a wide variety of subjects, including friendly fire, under barrel grenade launchers, and beta code access.

When he was asked about the promised beta code access included with Metal of Honor Limited Edition, he said, "You don’t need a key, if your EA account is entitled to MOH LE then you get the beta access automatically early."

He also signified that under barrel grenade launchers will not be as powerful as before, since they will have "much smaller splash" and require precision for a kill instead of depending on the explosion.

He confirmed that friendly fire will be turned off by default, though it will be automatic regardless in Hardcore mode. He also proclaimed that personal C4 and explosions will only kill the user in a friendly fire situation outside of Hardcore mode.

Alan Kertz also covered a lot of technical features, which included that burst firing will have more recoil than firing a gun in full auto, declaring it a fair trade off for accuracy. 

Battlefield 3 will be releasing October 25th for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.