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Almost Half Of All CD Projekt RED Developers Are Working On The Witcher 4

CD Projekt RED is in a very different position than it was back when Cyberpunk 2077 first launch. For starters, it finally finished Cyberpunk 2077, and completed its rather expensive redemption arc, with it now being a much better game that it was three years ago.

Second, we also know just how many projects the studio has on the go, and we’ve been getting regular updates on how the team is moving from one project to another.

The latest of these updates is that almost half of the studio’s workforce has now moved away from Cyberpunk and onto The Witcher 4.

In the studio’s latest earnings report, a graph similar to ones the studio has used before shows that almost 330 people, just under half of its total workforce, is now working on project Polaris, the codename for the next Witcher game, which colloquially is The Witcher 4.

With this focus on the next Witcher game looking like it’ll only increase from here, it could be possible that we start to see trailers and more concrete updates about what exactly Project Polaris is potentially as early as next year, perhaps at the 2024 Game Awards.

Source – [CD Projekt RED via IGN]