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CD Projekt RED Confirms Work On The Witcher 4 Is Ramping Up As Phantom Liberty DLC Release Closes In

CD Projekt RED hosted its first quarter earnings call for 2023, which included an update on where the company is putting its resources, confirming that as the release of its Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty DLC closes in, more efforts are being moved over to The Witcher 4.

In a chart representing how many resources are being put to which projects as part of the presentation, its clear that most of the studio is working on the Phantom Liberty DLC, which we know is due to release sometime soon, and will be showcased next week during Summer Games Fest.

The upcoming Phantom Liberty expansion is, according to CD Projekt RED, the biggest budget expansion the studio has ever done, though what that translates into for the actual expansion itself remains to be seen.

At least at the time of writing it won’t be long before we learn more about what the expansion will entail, with the Summer Games Fest show coming up.

Source – [CD Projekt RED]