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Amazon Prime’s Fallout TV Series Has Started Filming, And Early Set Photos Look Promising

Amazon Prime has officially kicked off filming for the Fallout TV series, and from the look of the early set photos, the show is looking quite promising.

The images below perfectly capture the post-apocalyptic feel of the franchise, with rusty vehicles littering the streets and even a Super-Duper Mart that’s straight out of Fallout 3.

Few details on the Fallout TV series have been confirmed yet, but we know that Ella Purnell and Walton Goggins are set to appear in the show. Showrunners include Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner, while Bethesda’s Todd Howard and James Altman are also on board as production representatives.

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What isn’t known at this point is if the Fallout TV series will be based on any one specific game in the long-running RPG series. Most likely, it will tell its own story while plucking influence from multiple Fallout games, with the same basic backdrop of the United States being reduced to an atomic wasteland.