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Amazon Prime’s Fallout TV Series Showrunners “Are Going As Fast As We Possibly Can” To Get Season 2 Out

Earlier this year Amazon Prime Video showcased the first of its coming video game adaptation TV shows with Fallout, which was a smash hit and put it immediately in the same conversation as HBO’s The Last Of Us when talking about quality game-to-TV adaptations.

With all that success it’s not surprising to learn that everyone involved, including creators and showrunners Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner say they “are going as fast as we possibly can” to get Season 2 out the door and into viewers eyeballs.

When asked about when fans can expect the next season in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Wagner said,

“The internet has an interesting habit of making non-binding statements binding, so I’m hesitant to give a date that will be taken out of context and live on Reddit for a year or so. But we are going as fast as we possibly can, and we’ve got a lot of heavy lifting from Season 1 already done.

We have sets, assets, visual effects, that are already done. We are hitting the ground running this season. We’re going to be pedal to the metal to get season two out as fast as humanly possible.”

Robertson-Dworet then added “And there are so many things we wanted to do in Season 1 where we were like, “That would be amazing, let’s do that in Season 2.” So it feels like we’re so much farther along and it’s honestly really exciting and we’re just really grateful to have the opportunity to bring to the screen all the things that didn’t quite fit in Season 1. We’re excited to get to now do those now.”

After the show spiked games sales for the Fallout franchise, it’s worth betting that Xbox is doing everything it can to get a new Fallout game out the door, but the show will have to do for now.

It’ll be interesting to see where the show goes for season 2, whenever it does arrive.

Source – [The Hollywood Reporter]