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Amy Hennig, Co-Creator Of Uncharted, Is Developing Triple-A Action-Adventure Game With Industry Veterans

Amy Hennig, a former Naughty Dog developer and co-creator of the Uncharted franchise, is involved in the development of a brand new AAA action-adventure game alongside Todd Stashwick and a host of industry veterans.

That’s at least according to a couple of job postings at Skydance Media from Stashwick on Twitter, calling for a Senior Animated Engineer a Senior Software Engineer for the Unreal Engine.

Our first productions will tap into the traditions of adventure cinema to create an engaging, energetic experience that captures the spirit of TV and film to excite both gamers and non-gamers alike. These games will be best-in-class for both visual fidelity and innovative gameplay on the latest console platforms and PCs.

Hennig and Stashwick have collaborated in the past, having worked on the cancelled Star Wars adventure title at Visceral Games. Prior to that Stashwick was involved in the early build of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, when he was set to play the role of Sam Drake before Troy Baker took over.

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[Source – Todd Stashwick via PlayStation LifeStyle]