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Anthem Guide: Tombs of the Legionnaires Challenges

As you progress through Anthem, you will eventually be required to complete the Legionnaires Challenges. These challenges have to be completed before you enter a Tomb of the Legionnaires and open the sarcophagus inside.

There are some things you have to do before you hit this section of the main story path. Firstly, you must beat the story mission Finding Old Friends, which will be unlocked after completing all the missions and contracts up until this point in the game. Upon returning to Fort Tarsis, head down to the basement to meet Faye. She will then mark the Tombs of the Legionnaires on the map. From there you need to complete the related challenge and then find them in Freeplay.

Tomb of Artina

The first tomb is the Tomb of Artina. It is fairly simple to complete and can be found in the location below, in the Academy Ruins sector of Bastion.

Anthem Guide: Complete Tombs of the Legionnaires Challenges

Here are the challenges you need to complete to unlock it:

  • 5 World Events – Head into Freeplay and fly around. You will eventually see a purple icon show up on the map. This is a world event. Completing any 5 of these will check this challenge off of the list.
  • 30 Weapon Defeats – Well, this is pretty obvious. Simply kill thirty enemies with a weapon.
  • 15 Weak Point Defeats – When you shoot enemies you will see yellow numbers if you hit there week point. Weak points vary between enemies. However, this should come naturally and they are not very hard to achieve.
  • 9 Elite Defeats – Elite enemies can be found in certain missions and contracts. They are also present in Strongholds. You will know that it is an elite enemy because they will have “Elite” in their name. They are tougher than normal enemies, but you shouldn’t have to much trouble getting this naturally.

Tomb of Cariff

The Tomb of Cariff is found can be found in the north-east corner of the Emerald Abyss sector of the map.

Anthem Guide: Complete Tombs of the Legionnaires Challenges

Here are the challenges you need to complete to open it:

  • 3 Missions – This happens naturally as you complete the story and should be already completed by the time you reach the Tombs.
  • 30 Gear Defeats – For this you need to defeat 30 enemies with your gear. Each Javelin has different gear and they are activated with the shoulder buttons. This should come naturally.
  • 15 Combo Triggers – For this you need to cause 15 combos. Combos are created when you combine two different elements in an attack, such as fire and ice. You can cause combos yourself; however, combining attacks with teammates makes it a lot easier. This should come naturally, just be sure to have some elemental gear equipped when going for this.
  • 3 Multi-Kills – For this you need to kill multiple enemies with the same attack. If you are a colossus, use the melee to quickly get this challenge. You can also use gear such as grenades and launchers. Shotguns also help for this challenge. Finally, use your Javelin’s ultimate as all of them will count towards this.

Tomb of Gawnes

The Tomb of Gawnes is found in the Fortress of Dawn sector and it is the simplest to open.

Anthem Guide: Complete Tombs of the Legionnaires Challenges

The challenges to open this tomb are:

  • 50 Melee Defeats – This is self-explanatory, just kill fifty enemies with your Javelin’s melee attack.
  • 50 Ultimate Defeats – This is also self explanatory, just kill fifty enemies with your Javelin’s ultimate attack. This may take a while to do, but just fool around in Freeplay to find as many enemies as possible.
  • 3 Legendary Defeats – Legendary enemies can be found in Strongholds and select missions and contracts. They have yellow health bars and are tough to destroy.

Tomb of Yvenia

The Tomb of Yvenia can be found right next to Fort Tarsis.


Anthem Guide: Complete Tombs of the Legionnaires Challenges

Here are the challenges to open this tomb:

Open 15 Treasure Chests – You can find chests out in the open world during Freeplay. However an effective way to get them is to complete world events during that same mode. You have to be the one to open the chest. If a teammate opens it, that chest will not count towards that chest. Whilst you are waiting for another event, fly around looking for more chests.

Harvest 25 Organic Materials\Minerals – During missions and Freeplay you can find plants and rocks to harvest, granting you some crafting materials. They are signified by a white beam emanating from them. The can be found anywhere. A good farming spot can be found at the East Gate in the north-east of the map.

3 Javelins Repaired – During Public Expeditions, Missions, Contracts, Freeplay, and Strongholds you will be able to revive players who have been downed due to taking too much damage. Walk up to them and repair/revive them when they go down. Higher level expeditions are a good farming spot as your teammates will often get downed.

Find 10 collectibles – For this you will need to find ten collectibles in the open world. You can actually find them in the same cave where the Tomb of Yvenia is. There are four green lights on the wall which are hidden messages. There are also 6 text documents as well. This one is really easy to do.

That is all for the Tombs of the Legionnaires. You can now move onto the rest of the story. If you are wanting to get a leg up on how Factions work in Anthem you can check out our guide on Factions, Loyalty, and their rewards.